Decorating with $2... Literally.

I went garage sale-ling over the weekend and I sure did pick up a few pieces that I thought has some potential! This lot below I picked up at a deceased estate for a grand total of $2. Yup you probably think even $2 was too much for all of this.... but I see potential in this pile of junk! You just wait and see. Over the next few posts i will show you what you can do with $2 worth of junk in your home.

Project 1: I thought I would start with the old wire basket for my first project from this pile. I initially thought I might spray paint it white but after a good scrub with a wire brush and a soak in the tub with some detergent it really was white underneath all that grime. It came up a treat in a rustic sort of way with chipped white paint showing the grey metal underneath.

Voila.... all nice and pretty!
I decided I would use the basket as storage. I thought a nice touch would be to make a lining for it to really dress it up. I had some left over calico from previous projects and cut out a rough template of pieces to make the lining. I pinned it to fit and sewed it up in a jiffy...... well actually over a few afternoons when I was free.

I love the look of natural colours & textures together such as calico and jute string. I added some jute ribbon which I also had in my craft supply to the edges of the lining to hold it into place. I thought it added a nice touch.

I added two tabs at the ends of the basket to give the lining extra support and I  raided my button jar to see what I had lying around. I found these gorgeous big brown buttons and added them to the tabs to finish it off. I used Velcro to attached the tabs to the lining which allows the lining to be removed if it needs washing.

Love this big buttons!

So this little baby cost me next to nothing to rejuvenate and make into something usable and not too bad looking if I say so myself!

Fits perfectly under one of my most recent Op Shop bargains this $10 side table. Please avert your eyes to the garish orange stain that it has. It's on my list of things to renovate...... one day!

Now to do something with those old terracotta pots........!


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