Grain Sacks.......

I am obsessed with grain sacks.... I absolutely LOVE them, I will admit I occasionally swoon over pictures of them (*silently in my head*)! They are rustic, gnarly, old and worn and have some great history behind them. I have searched on and off for the last year or so for some grain sacks to add to the whimsical house. To find some reasonably priced was impossible. It seemed everyone was on the grain sack bandwagon and the prices some of them were going for was ridiculous.... like I'm talking $80-$100 per sack. Mind you they were french and they were old, rustic and looked amazing but just add the word "vintage" to anything and the price seems to double if not triple!

Anyway back to the point.... I found some grain sacks (well actually sugar sacks) in our local auction center earlier this month. I got them for a steal (well compared to the prices above) of $7 for two and after the auction fee's were added on the total was $11. Not bad I thought and now I need to decided exactly what I want to do with them.

The sacks wording on the front is "Australia White Refined Sugar".... It's not french and vintage but hey I live in Australia it adds to the character of it! I have a few ideas rolling around in my head such as cushions, framing them etc but I still haven't decided on exactly what I want to do. I thought I would share some of my favourite inspiring grainsack images and ideas of what I could do with these two lovely sacks...... gotta love Pinterest!

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Grainsack curtains anyone? I just don't think I see them hanging in our house!

This image has HUGE potential..... I love the rustic texture that the cushion brings against the white bedspread and fluffly bed runner. Gorgeous... !

More Cushions.......

Chairs look great upholstered in grain sacks....

Framing them is also a good option!

Some other interesting uses......

Grain Sack Heaven!

I will keep you posted on what I choose to do! Next week I will finish my $2 Decorating challenge with my last piece the glass bottle. Until then.....




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