Decorating With $2 - Part III

I have been meaning to finish this series off for the last month... but I have been lazy and lethargic to complete the final piece in this series... A Fowlers Vacola preserving jar. Can you believe these sell for $20 a pop on ebay! I got a bargain!

For those who haven't read the previous posts on this series you can find the first two here:

Anyway I got my butt into gear this week and cleaned up the old jar. A bit of detergent and elbow grease did wonders on this little beauty. I wondered what I was going to do with jar at first - remembering that I didn't want to spend any money to decorate it. I had to use what I already had in my craft/DIY/bits & bobs collection. I remembered a gift that friends of ours had given us from their trip to France recently.

I was so excited to receive this little package of goodies - french vegetable seeds - cornichons (baby cucumbers), pumpkin and round zucchini's, French inscribed pastry scraper & some french wine labels.
 I decided to use one of the french wine labels on the Vacola bottle to jazz it up - simple but classic! So here is how she turned out!

She's all bright and sparkly now all done up ready to show off her new look!!

Makes me feel all frenchified! (If that's a word). So I tell you it is easy to decorate your home on a budget..... simple steps such as picking up classic pieces at garage sales for next to nothing and using things that you have around the home or stashed away to revive your "finds" into something usable!

If your stuck for idea's on what to do with items you want to do up... simply GOOGLE for ideas, browse Pinterest for inspiration, read blogs and somewhere along the line you'll have a light bulb moment! "Ah huh" you'll say and off you go on your adventure of creating something magnificent on next to nothing!

I picked up these gorgeous mini perfume bottles at our local junk shop for $2.50. Bargain! I love the french words and labels on them. Perfect accessory to complete my french bottle collection don't ya say?

Our lavender bushes are flowering profusely at the moment and I thought a bunch of lavender tied together with jute string would add a nice touch to the display! I will leave them like this as they will eventually dry out by themselves... perfect  no fuss arrangement!

Hmmm what's next on my to do list..........? Oh yeah that's right still got my slipcover's to complete! Yay!




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