Frosty Morning.....

 Nipping morning here at the Whimsical House.... We have been waiting all winter for the first frost to hit our place and I am surprised that it has taken this far in winter to hit! This morning as we woke up I noticed the ground covered in a thin layer of "snow frost" we decided after breakfast to run outside like kids to look around the "frosty" yard.

 I took my camera out and snapped a few photo's of the frosty wonderland.... it was kind of magical! Lol! The hose was even frozen solid!

Our frosted cabbage leaves

It was like a twinkling ice land sparkling in the sunlight.....Ok it was pretty cool but maybe not so airy fairy though!

I loved getting the little ice particles on the plants they really come up a treat once the sun started shining.

Crazy thing though it was the coldest morning we have had so far and we decided to let our fire go out the night before so we could clean it out.... hmmmm a little chilly getting ready this morning!

I don't know if it's normal for lavendar to be flowering in winter but I thought it was pretty all the same......

What's your favourite thing about winter mornings???? Love to know....




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