Heirloom Vegies & More....

I haven't really got a specific topic for today's post. 
Just a bit of catch up on what's been happening around the place.
I haven't really written a lot about our vegie garden of late but it has been taking off in leaps in bounds.

I have really enjoyed tending to my little patch and have enjoyed the rewards of my labour with some delicious produce. I forgot to take a picture of where the garden looks like at the moment.... I will next time.
One thing I have really loved is being able to plant different varieties of vegetables that you wouldn't normally get in the supermarket. Such as these golden beetroot (above) and the purple & yellow carrots (below.)

They really make eating vegies a little bit more interesting! Plus these little beauties are full of many health benefits! Did you know that purple carrots were grown up to 5000 years ago in the area now known as Afghanistan and in the 1500's the Dutchies developed the orange carrot to nationalize there favourite vegie. (Orange is the Dutchies National Colour)

I recently ordered a number of heirloom seeds to plant in spring and this time I went all out. Think striped beetroot, white beetroot,  white carrots, yellow carrots, yellow cherry tomatoes, black tomatoes and MORE

I found the seeds online at an Australian site called Lost Seeds. It is a business that is dedicated to preserving heirloom varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs that date back for centuries. They haven't been genetically modified and messed with. They are true blue original! So if your planning a vegie patch or have one already why not think about ordering your own selection of heirloom seeds to plant this spring! Imagine serving a whtie carrot to your kids? They probably think you've gone nuts!

I have been Op Shopping again and picked up this cutest little teacup set. I picked up some other items that I didn't get to photograph such as a rustic enamel plate, bread tin and a cast iron fry pan! I have to say since getting into food photography the Op Shops have been a great place for me to find props, servingware, tins etc. that just give that extra point of interest.

Hopefully the weather is good this weekend to spend some time outside! I am getting cabin fever during these winter months! What do you do to keep sane in winter?




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