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I haven't really been motivated lately to try and undertake the massive list of projects I need to do around the house and you know what I seem to keep adding to them by buying bargain pieces of furniture that I find around the place. It's a weakness I have for cheap run down furniture that I can buy and do up. 
I wonder if there is a name for that kind of condition - Trash & Treasure Addict, Dumpster Diva?

Anyway I have made a start on two projects last week, which have been sitting on my to do list for sometime.

This little side table which I picked up for $10 at my local op shop. I can't stand the garish orange stain that's currently on it. It kinda doesn't go with the other colours in the family room. I tackled this little fella first because it was small, easy and quick and that's the kinda projects I like to do as I am really not a patient person... Lol!

 This is it after a quick sand. I will show you the finished product in another post as I am still in the process of distressing and waxing it so this project is "To be continued"

This is my second project I have started. It is a hall table that I have in my spare bedroom and it matches the small side table I did up recently. I wanted to get rid of the dark timber stain and create a more "rustic" country piece that will fit into the house. It will look much the same as the side table does when completed.

Side Table completed.

I have sanded it back and painted a few coats of paint on it so far. I am yet to stain the top and distress and wax the whole piece. So this piece is also a " To Be Continued" project. I thought I would pique your interest with what's on the go at The Whimsical Wife house.

I am still on the go with the slipcovers. I have started trying to do an hour every couple of days to get on with it as I wanted it done by spring.... doubt that is going to happen but again I will keep you posted on the progress with this.

On another note.... My Home Cook Of The Year Entry was chosen in the Top 20 from the Australian Good Taste magazine. However unfortunately I didn't make it into the Top 6, which if I did allowed the contestants to be flown down to sydney to cook there dish for the judges.

Anyway I am pround of my achievement to have gotten into the Top 20 and I was lucky enough to have my recipe photo published in this month's edition of Australian Good Taste (Pg 22), and on their online version.
I had a lot of fun creating my dish and I hope you all can have a go at making it as well.

Anyway I can't wait until friday to show off my first designer for Feature Friday. I received the giveway in the mail today and am super excited about what this person makes! It's gorgeous! Keep your eyes and ears posted for friday....

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