Sneak Peak.......

There has been a lot happening around here at The Whimsical Wife.
First you may notice that the name has changed (or it soon will be) in your address bar: This is just to help you find me easier. You will still be re-directed to me through my old address but to make things easier I would suggest updating these details in your bookmarks etc.

Secondly I have a surprise for next week's Tasty Tuesday segment. It has something to do with the latest edition of this magazine.....

I will be interviewing a special guest who was featured in this month's Country Style plus there will also be a GIVEAWAY for my dear whimsical readers. So stay tuned in to The Whimsical Wife.... there's more to come! So pop out today and grab the AUGUST edition of Country Style and tell me who you think is going to be our guest? I might just do a second give-away for the person who guesses correctly!




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