Would You Look At Those Legs......

Yes you can wolf-whistle at these babies and you won't get a slap in the face for being rude!

These Queen Anne legs will be the newest addition to my wingback chairs.... when I get round to attaching them. The chairs were seriously lacking in the leg department with very unattractive metal wheels on the main chair and plain straight legs on the ottomons. The problem with the original legs as well was that they did not give the chair any height - it is quite low to the ground. To me a true wingback chair screams sexy legs and the ones below ain't that!

Example of  Wingback Chair Legs

My Wingback Chair

Wingback Chair Leg

Ottomon Leg

 I purchased these legs on ebay from a UK supplier for quite a reasonable price. I searched high and low for legs like these in australia but with no avail could I find any that were reasonable priced and that didn't require a wholesale account to purchase them. So after umming and ahhhing over buying them on ebay, I put through the order early in June and received them later that month.

After more procrastination on my behalf I eventually got round to staining and waxing them ready for attachement. It really was a painless process - I just needed motivation to get started.

I stained them with two coats of a Cedar coloured wood stain and a coat of Fiddes & Sons Rugger Brown Wax to protect it and give it a nice shine. I think they came up a real treat and are going to really take the chair to new heights (Literally... lol)

They turned out quite nicely if I don't say so myself! Now if I can only get myself motivated to finish off my slipcovers.... I know I have been saying this for a month now! I need a kick up the butt!
Have a great weekend......

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