Spring Time In The Garden.....

I'm sorry but I don't have any completed projects to share with you today. Well I should phrase it more like this.... I was lazy and didn't get a chance to photograph my latest finished project. So there you go I said it.  I thought however I would share some photographs of spring time in The Whimsical Garden... It's a buzzing with activity and I absolutely love this time of year. 
So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy some springtime inspired photos.

Seaside daisy's in full bloom....

Meet "Big Red", one of our brood of hens.

 Late crop of snow pea's.....

 Early morning dew on one of our cabbages.....

 Broad beans starting to set ... I can't wait until these are ready! Yummmmm

 Strawberry patch is going rampant with fruit. This is a great way to stop those pesky animals eating your fruit. Place them in a glass jar....

 I love chillis.... these little bird's eye's are especially hot!

 The bees are buzzing around the jasmine...  (can you spy him?) I love the smell of it but OH the hayfever I get from it. Not fun at all.

The peach tree is abundant with flowers, hopefully we will get some fruit this year! Fingers crossed.

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