Pretty In Pink

 Well I am in the middle of projects at the moment and don't really have anything to reveal to you that I have completed lately. I thought though I would show you some pretty pictures of my garden. My roses are exploding all around me and they are a delight to look at everyday. 

I just love to pick them in bunches and arrange them around the house. Flowers make me happy and these roses are my all time favourites. They're called a Pierre De Ronsard climbing rose. I planted 4 bushes of them about a year ago now and this year they're have just exploded with roses. Much to my pleasure!

 Pierre De Ronsard in the garden.......

 These photos above and below are of the Pierre De Ronsard the ones further down with the pinker center are classed as a "Blushing" Pierre De Ronsard!


Aren't they just gorgeous.... I could look at them forever! Other flowers in my garden including my rose hedge of "Bonica" roses, I also planted a year ago have exploded with flowers. They are a floribunda rose bush which means they constantly flower. I generally get constant flowers for a good 4-6 months.

The rest of my garden has also been a pleasure to look at with lots of different types of plants flowering - herbs, daisys, chamomile and chive bushes.

 Federation Daisy


 Chive Bush


 Spring Onion Flower

Have a great spring weekend.....

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