Wingback Chair Slipcovers... At long last!

I can finally announce that at long last I have completed my wingback chair slipcovers. It has been a year in the making and after MANY MANY MANY nervous breakdowns, hair pulling, months of doing nothing and near hatred towards these poor chairs and ottomans -! Yes I can yell and scream it at the top of my lungs... I HAVE FINISHED THOSE DEAR SLIPCOVERS!

As you can see in the picture above they were in a bad state when I purchased them from the tender center last year. I knew I got them for a bargain price of $50 for two chairs and two ottomans but thinking about it now, was it a bargain with all that I had to go through to make slipcover them? 
I thought about this for a while and I think YES! They look great (if i don't say so myself) and I am proud of my achievement of completing them all by myself. 

I first ummed and ahhed over whether to make slipcovers or get them re-upholstered professionally. After a quote of nearly $2000 to get them re-upholstered professionally I chose to make slipcovers (After picking myself up from the floor). 

I started with the ottomans to get my confidence up and to start with something easy on my first slipcover. I had some dramas to start off with but after overcoming them and getting the hang of pinning and sewing piping I was on fire. I completed the ottomans within a couple of weeks and I was proud as punch with the result.

I'd only just climbed to base camp in the biggest mountain climb of my life! (Well not exactly but it just sounded dramatic that way). I did a practice run on making a slipcover out of calico on one of the chairs.... well that ended in tears!

It was a mess ( picture above really doesn't do it justice), puckers, horrible sewing, it was a train wreck and this was just a practice run. God help me with the proper ones. I was scared now. I watched Miss Mustard Seeds Video Tutorials on sewing slip covers and that helped me heaps. It was many many months after I finished the ottomans that I started to attempt sewing the proper slipcovers!

I began pinning, laying and cutting fabric, sewing piping and trimming and it slowly began to take shape - little by little. There were many weeks in between some stages as I got stuck and needed some time out to think about how to go about fixing the problem. My husband was VERY patient during this time as the chairs would sit like this picture below for weeks.

The house also became a "little" messy - to say the least. Cotton, fabric trimmings, dust, pins and sewing objects were strewn around the house. My "sewing room" was on the kitchen table and when I was in sewing mode  I didn't like to pack everything up to only take it out the next day to start again so it stayed strewn around the house for many days.

Then on one fateful spring day.... I pinned and sewed the last seam, snipped the last piece of cotton and ironed the last piece of fabric..... I was complete and boy was I ecstatic! The legs I bought and stained are yet to go on but all the sewing is done! They are not 100% perfect but I am happy with them so sit back and enjoy the end result!

Since I was in the sewing mood still I quickly whipped up the cushions on the chairs to give them a finished look. I LOVE the material.... so cute!

Would I ever do it again... probably not!

What's the biggest project you ever undertook?

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