Dining Room Makeover + Winner

 There has been a few exciting things happening around here at the Whimsical Wife headquarters. One of them is finishing of the kitchen and dining room area's with the finishing touches such as light fittings, curtains and a paint job on my dining room table. Those who follow The Whimsical Wife on  facebook may of seen this on one of my status updates. Those who know me personally thought I had lost it well and truly... who paints a perfectly good dining room setting? Well... ME!

I looked around at what it would cost to purchase a new dining room setting in the French Provincial style that I adore.... and the price tag was about $2500 for a eight seater dining room setting similar to what we already have. There was no way I could afford or want to pay that much, so hubby and I decided we would paint it (well I would do the painting). I got the courage to actually paint my table after reading Lacey at A Fruitful Life's post on her table makeover! 

I was terrified applying the first coat of paint on the table... "what the heck am I doing", I thought. If I wreck this I have a whole lot of work ahead of me to fix it..... and thankfully I didn't wreck it! Phew. The table was really straight forward and easy to paint. I did it in an afternoon, much to my impatient delight. You see I am not a patient person when it comes to completing a project. I get a vision of the end product and get really excited and can't wait to get to the finished product asap! It's my visionary self that gets me into trouble when it comes to my projects and makeovers. After I saw the finished product of the table I was VERY eager to get the chairs finished and the final picture taken ASAP! Well.... lets just say the chairs took a LOT longer than the table. I had to sand, undercoat and paint each chair twice and there were a lot of nooks and crannies on these chairs to paint as opposed to the table. I had eight chairs to get through... hmmm impatience began to reign.

On one particular hot, humid day I had off last week I tried to push through as many chairs as I could that day. I ended up completing four chairs that day... which now have to be redone! You see that hot day turned the paint into glug on the brush I was using and I later found out using a paint brush was not the best thing to paint the chairs with... a small paint roller was. So I ended up with four chairs with really bad paint brush marks on them... much to my perfectionist digust! The other four chairs look great, I learnt my lesson halfway through unfortunatley. 

So lessons learnt - 
1. Don't rush - BE PATIENT
2. Use a paint roller when painting furniture, it gives a much smoother finish. 
3. Don't paint in the heat of the day, the paint can dry to quickly leaving a bad finish.
4. Always undercoat! - This was a lesson learnt when I painted my TV Cabinet.

I am really happy with the overall finish of the setting and how it has completely changed the feel of the room. You may or may not of noticed the new light also hanging above the table in the after photo's. We purchased it from Bunnings. We also installed downlights and a feature light in the kitchen.

Balmain 5 Light Chandelier from Bunnings
Feature Light in the Kitchen

My dear mum also whipped the cutest cafe curtain for our kitchen window to finish off the window just perfectly. We used canvas drop cloth material for the curtains, which I also used for my Wingback chair slipcovers.  She whipped them up in an evening and I think she just did the best job. Love you mum xxoo

 We really went to town last week finishing the kitchen/dining room up. We had a good reason for this crazy working bee.  The Whimsical Wife... aka Me (+  my kitchen) is getting featured in the February edition (In shops on the 18th of January) of Australian Good Taste magazine. How exciting is that??? We had the photo shoot on monday just gone, which was a surreal but FUN experience. Jacqui & Guy from the Good Taste team flew & drove all the way from Sydney to photograph and interview little old me. (They did also have another story to do in Boonah) It was a very special experience and they were both SO very lovely. I had a great afternoon with them and can't wait to see the feature next year!

Speaking of Australian Good Taste... I will also announce the winner of the Entertain! Book giveaway......

Congratulations Kirrily on your win... if you can email your postal address to diaryofwhimsicalwife{at}gmail.com so I can get your prize posted to you.

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