My Christmas Wish List. What's on Yours.....

The days to Christmas are slowly creeping down and if your haven't yet written your Christmas list then your just plain naughty! I wrote mine a couple of weeks ago and I really struggled with what I wanted or really needed. I want to make good use of Christmas presents, not just useless items that get thrown in the corner after a month. Something that I will used all year round or that I am in need of and don't want to buy myself. I am not all straight though I do get a few "luxury" or unnecessary items but they just don't make up the bulk of my presents. Here is what I wrote down.....

My Christmas Wish List:
($100 Total limit)

*There is a reason for these books which I will hopefully be able to share with you one day*


3. Summer PJ's - I love comfortable & cool pj's for summer! Pretty but functional!

This is a great company specialising is organic and natural skincare products and makeup. 

5. Money.... so I can buy some new recipe books, clothes and whatever else I can find in the sales!


I do have some other things on my "one day wish list" to get in the future either for next Christmas or Birthday's to come....(Possibly many years away!)

Excalibur Food Dehydrator... $360 -$470each
(Have to save up for this one)
This is such a great piece of equipment... you can dry fruits, vegetables, fish and meats! A great natural alternative to dried foods rather than the sulphur and chemical covered dried fruits and vegetables!

I bought an Almond Cream KitchenAid a few years ago now and would love to get a few attachments to go with it. The Ice Cream Bowl Attachment is the first on my list - you can make sorbets and ice creams with this bowl! Yum

Ok I think the price is a little exorbitant but I need a food processor one day.... maybe just not this one!

I just realised I have very expensive taste from the list above! Oh dear! 

What's on your christmas list this christmas? Love to hear them!

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