Party In The Works.....

I really love to create, design, have a vision of a project and see it come to life. A few years ago I did and interior design course and as full on as it was I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Not only being able to use the principles that I learnt in renovating and decorating my previous home and our current home but also utilising these principles in pulling together many parties, weddings, baby showers and hen's parties in the years following.

My wedding in 2006.

My sisters wedding in 2009

My sister-law's wedding in 2010

The latest project I'm working on is my mum's 50th Birthday Party. The main feature of the birthday party is a dessert table. It seems it's the latest fad at the moment (and maybe in the last few years) is to create a spectacular dessert table in a theme which is also emulated in the food, drinks, cutlery, napkins and platters. People have even created business doing these dessert tables for a living - such as Amy Atlas just to name one.

Now I will say straight out there now - my table will be no where near as spectacular as Amy Atlas's - they have an unlimited budget it seems, however I hope that I can still create some thing pretty awesome with a reasonable budget.... time will tell! Dessert tables are very versitile and can be used for any occasion - birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers just to name a few.
Now I can't go into to much detail at the moment about what I'm planning because it will wreck the surprise for the guest's that are coming who read this blog.

Here is a bit of a peek at the main feature in the dessert table.... polka dots!  There is so many little bits and bobs that are available for purchase to make your dessert table a success. Think paper straws, cupcake toppers, matching napkins, bunting, favour bags, themed lollies etc. Just look at the dessert tables themselves and you can see the detail that goes into them. I think that is the success of a good dessert table.... an eye for detail. I will talk more about the table after the party but I thought I would leave you with some fabulous dessert tables that I came across in Pinterest!

"sigh" aren't they all just gorgeous......



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