Ideas For Valentine's Day..........

I only just realised earlier this week that Valentine's Day is coming up next week. I haven't thought one ounce on what I should do for hubby that would be romantic. I am sorry to say but I don't have one romonatic bone in my body at the moment! I'm not sure if we will be going out for dinner - thanks to morning/night sickness. Dinner time is one of the worst times at the moment and it's hard to say if I will be having a good or a bad day to even consider going out or not. I guess we will be making a decision on the day.

The sad thing though is I am not even in the mood to bake and that just isn't me at all. If I was feeling well I would have multiple ideas flowing through my head of what I could create for Valentine's day to tempt my sweetheart. He's still my sweetheart but I doubt I will have anything to tempt him on the day.

Anyway I rummaged up some great Valentine's Day ideas through Pinterest to help give you some wonderful ideas that you can create yourself for your loved one. I have broken them up into categories such as Baking, Creating & Decorating. Enjoy!




What do you have planned for Valentines Day? Would love to hear about it.....

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