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Pop, Melt, Dump, Mix

Hello Whimsical Wife followers, I'm Bliss from Bliss Ranch.  I want to thank Melissa of the (Pregnant) Whimsical Wife for giving me the opportunity to guest post on "Tasty Tuesday" while she bakes a little bun (sorry, couldn't resist the bun... I mean pun !).  What.... an imposter-poster?  Yup, I'm not she, although I impersonate a pregnant lady pretty darn good.  I've perfected that after six of my own buns and yeah, I can do it blindfolded.  So while Ms. Whimsy is lounging on the couch; pressing soda crackers to her lips; looking forward to the middle months of pregnancy when she will feel good enough to eat all of the candy house from Hansel & Gretel; today you are stuck with me.

In picking a recipe I wanted it to be something anyone could make, but also something that the 'one with bun' might like to eat.  What she wants to eat can change at any moment, but last week Sweet Melissa didn't want meat, tomatoes, or veggies.  So hmmm, that leaves sweets for me to make right?  It is Valentines Day so something sweet seems appropo.

Gather up these supplies....
1 bag of popped microwave popcorn, mixing bowl & a spoon
1 cup of Wilton melts (any flavor, white chocolate perhaps?)
Sprinkles of your color and choice

I saw this recipe for candy-coated popcorn over at She Wears Many Hats and she has some beautiful photos of how her's turned out. My mantra since I started blogging came to mind..... "I can make that!".  But get it in your head that I am not a food blogger, I am a food eater, and my tutorial, or lack of reflects that.

So first I popped a bag of microwave popcorn.  Microwave was good enough for Amy on her blog, and I like easy.  If you need a tutorial to pop popcorn, Google it! 

Left Over Melted Melts

 I had this bowl of left over Wilton Candy melts from Christmas to use up.  It's a peppermint flavor and tastes just like those little candy mints from a mall kiosk for Pepperidge Farms.  They are Wilton's higher quality melts, not the more waxy ones.  I put them in the microwave, re-melted them (wow hard huh?) and dumped them on the popcorn in a bowl. 

You want the sprinkles to stick to the popcorn, so add them while the melts are still warm.  I used colors I had on hand which was some fine pink sugar sprinkles and some thicker purple ones.  I shook them on light because I wasn't sure what the crunch was going to be like.  The crunch was good, you can add more to yours.  Mix it all up- gently of course so the popcorn doesn't break up. 

By now I was thinking, how good could this really be?  Well........ REALLY GOOD!  As my hand dipped in the bowl my mind immediately started scanning the possibilities for what I could next pour on popcorn and all the ways the results can be gifted for different times of the year.  The peppermint flavor was not overwhelming, honestly this stuff was really good, and I should know I ate half of it.  I had the kids sample it and they were skeptical (I think because of the rule boys don't eat pink popcorn). It's not gooey like a rice crispie bar, depending on how thick your candy coating is it's more like that fancy flavored stuff you buy on vacation.  I packaged it up in little candy bags.  I think the novelty of having something in cute little bags made them over look that it was pink.

I saved one little bag for my sweetie along with a Valentine from Elementary school. Signed by a boy named Jerry.  I'll let you know if my husband asks "who's Jerry".

~ Bliss ~

Make sure you pop over and say hi to Bliss at the Bliss Ranch.

Thanks bliss for popping in and giving my readers a super easy and delicious recipe!
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

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