Dreamy Dresser.....

 During my IVF treatment and and proceeding my pregnancy, up until now I have had not a lot of interest in renovating any pieces of furniture or even going hunting to find some to do. It was made me sad and frustrated to feel like this because it's in my blood to be creating, decorating or renovating something. I just had to be patient and wait until I felt better. Now that my morning sickness has subsided and my energy levels have increased  my fingers are twitching to do something.


About a month ago I was having a reasonably good day and felt like I had the energy to snoop around in my local Op shop. This shop is my favourite shop to find a treasure in. It's not always cheap but I bide my time and wait to stumble across a bargain, like I did this day.


I stumbled across this gorgeous dress with bits and bobs piled all over it. What caught my attention was the colour. It was a lovely robin egg blue colou and was in pretty good condition. Plus it was reduced from $120 to $65 - bargain! The deciding factor was my husband though. I wanted to put this dresser in our bedroom and he had to decide if it was not too girlie for his likings!

In the Op Shop waiting for me!

 I took a photo of it and asked the lady in the shop to hold it for me until the next day.... and then I ran it past hubby to see if it tickled his fancy as well. Thankfully he gave it the thumbs up. We put the trailor on and went and picked it up the next day. The dresser didn't need a lot of work at all. This piece has probably had the least amount of work I have done on any piece of furniture that is in our house. I literally just gave it a brush down with a dustpan brush and then a good scrub with soapy hot water and a scourer

 The only thing I wanted to do to this dresser was to put new glass knobs on the drawers to glam it up a bit. Hubby wasn't so sure about it but gave me the go ahead to buy some off ebay. I ordered some from a store in China somewhere and waited two long weeks for them to arrive. Replacing the knobs was easy and this was the quickest reno job I had to do - plus it meant not using a lot of energy!


My beautiful glass knobs!

I'm so happy with the dresser, a little bit of work went a long way!

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