Tasty Tuesday... Easter Inspired Recipes.

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I can't. I feel like I have just gotten over Christmas and with this pregnancy time seems to go a lot quicker. I was going to post my family favourite Hot Cross Bun recipe but I thought that was pretty mundane really so I went to my friend Pinterest for inspiration. I have come up with a list of delicious recipes that you could make this Easter.

Starting with breakfast or maybe even brunch you could try one of these tantalizing recipes.....

A mouthwatering egg and bacon pie. This could be made the night before and warmed through to serve the next day or if your keen made that morning. This would be delicious served with roasted tomatoes and grilled asparagus. Yum

Moving onto lunch these cute little Pizzette with Fontina cheese would make a great snack food or entree to a delicious Easter feast.

These fresh and vibrant salads would make a great centerpiece to any Easter luncheon. I love the nicoise salad above and would match perfectly with a roasted lamb/beef or whatever takes your fancy. Yum.

Or for something totally different for Easter lunch why not try a selection of gourmet sandwhiches served prettily on a tiered cake stand! 

And finishing off with my favourite meal of the day..... dessert and sweet treats!

Something warm and comforting like these apple dumplings would go down a treat

Or something different  like this greek baklava - sticky and sweet!

Or this devine lemon meringue angel cake! Delicous!

And to finish of the day with a good cuppa these decadant cadbury cream cookie cups! MMMM yes please!
What are you plans for Easter? Have you set a menu yet? Come and join the menu discussion over at The Whimsical Wife Facebook!
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