Feature Friday: Tommy & Tuppence & Giveaway!

I am so excited that I have been able to start the Feature Friday series again. I had to stop it during my IVF treatment and over the "morning" sickness period. However now that I am feeling better I am glad to be able to start showcasing some wonderful designers and crafters again.!


 For today's Feature Friday I am so happy to present Roslyn from Tommy & Tuppence. Her pieces of jewellery and accessories are so unique and just plain gorgeous. Take it away Roslyn.....

Sunningdale Collection Antique Filigree Rose Hairclips - delicate rose cabochons on antiqur bronze filigree setting.

     Hi, my name is Roslyn and I live in Shellharbour on the New South Wales - South Coast with my Canadian husband of 20 years and our 8 yr old daughter, two dogs and a budgie. We have been here for 15 years now since moving back from Vancouver and absolutely love it. We walk to Shellharbour Village and spend many hours at the beach and lake. I love bike riding, reading , cooking – I have a serious addiction to beautiful cookbooks, knitting – I run the local knitting club, collecting retro vintage kitchenware and I spend many hours on my laptop.  I live by the mantra that we are like magnets whatever we think/feel we bring to our lives, so I don’t think about what I dislike in life I concentrate on what I do and I only receive back the frequency I put out.   

Agatha Collection Telephone Necklace - miniature vintage telephone on antique bronze chain.
   I decided to open a store on Madeit last year as I was let go from a position as I was too old. Yes, experience means nothing today. As I was, definitely over the politics of the workplace I thought why not try and sell some of my ideas. I started with My Mardi Gras selling Vintage Children’s Storybook Magnet Puzzles – which were very popular as they are one offs and at christmas made sets of fridge magnets, also from storybooks. I now sell Retro Vintage Card sets in this store as well. Recently, I have opened my new store named Tommy and Tuppence which sells inspired pieces of jewellery from times gone by and Art Deco photograph  cards.    

High Tea Plate Earrings - miniature plates on silver earposts
I’m inspired by lots of things in my daily life, from books and magazines to photographs and nature.  My jewellery range in the new store has been inspired from days gone by, and I have modelled the collections with names from Agatha Christie. Yes, I’m also a murder mystery fanatic. Tommy and Tuppence are characters from the 1920’s, in a number  of Agatha’s novels. I also decided to source  Art Deco images for a range of cards for the store in keeping with this theme.  

Lasercut Wood Rabbit Brooch

    My product range consists of Retro Vintage and Art Deco style card sets. My jewellery ranges are Agatha Initial Typewriter Rings, HighTea Collection – cup/saucer rings, teapot necklaces, plate earrings, Sunningdale  Collection – Antique Filigree settings with delicate rose cabochons, hairclips, shawl pins, there is also lasercut wood necklaces, brooches and rings. Coming soon is the Ebbersley Hall Gallery Collection with gorgeous gilded gold framed miniature canvases on long antique bronze chains. 

My dreams for the jewellery business would be to supply small boutiques in my area and create a children’s jewellery product that could expand the business into children’s stores.  I don’t want to become too big, I’m happy with the sales I get now from both stores and it gives me the opportunity to spent valuable time with my daughter.  
Come over and say hi on my blog or facebook page, I love chatting with like minded people and hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them.
I would like to thank Melissa for inviting me to A Whimsical Wife.

Visit Roslyn:


Roslyn has kindly donated this gorgeous High Tea Cup/Saucer Ring. It is a miniature cup/saucer on silver adjustable ring base. How cute is this!

Simple enter below for your chance to win this adorable piece of jewellery. Entries close the 2nd of May and the winner will be announce on Thursday the 3rd of May. 
This giveaway is for Australian Residents Only.

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