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I mentioned a few months ago that I was getting a photo shoot  and story done of my kitchen renovations with Australian Good Taste...... or now that I think of it I may of only mentioned it on Facebook???

You can read more about my kitchen renovations... HERE
I had the shoot done in late November last year and it was a real experience. A photographer and the chief sub editor- Jacqui Kwong of Australia Good Taste flew in to Brisbane and made their way to little old Toowoomba to photograph me and my kitchen! The both of them were so lovely and made me feel very at ease in front of the camera. The photographer bought in some serious equipment - lights, laptops, tripods and a few cameras. I think bevan was tempted to hide one of the cameras!

The great blogger that I am (that was sarcasm) I forgot to take pictures of the whole experience.... well bevan did also. So I'm sorry I don't have any to show you of the photo shoot itself. The shoot took around about an hour or so. I was asked questions about the kitchen, our renovation process and some of the decorative pieces I had around the house. Like my French Menu Board and a few other things around the kitchen and dining room area.

They took pictures of me in front of the kitchen, prentending to laugh and smile and look casual. That is harder than it sounds you know - especially when your feeling a little nervous! I really wan't having a great "body" day that day either. It was a week before I got my second IVF treatment done and I felt bloated, fat and puffy but hey you can't help these things and I did the best that I could with what I had. Thanks to my lovely sister Jess who kindly did my makeup for the occasion. It hid the bags and pimples and made me look pretty normal! LOVE LOVE makeup!

The feature was orignally meant to be published in January 2012 but got postponed to April 2012. So if your wanting to take a sticky beak of the article make sure you pop into your nearest Woolworths on the 23rd of April and pick up the May edition of Australian Good Taste Magazine! Flip a few pages and voila you'll see me!

I'm secretly counting down the days....... 12 more days to go!

On another note... 
One of my recipes got featured in a liftout in the newspaper.
 I am not sure when this got published exactly but I thought I would show you the piece they did.

Pretty cool eh?

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