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 I have been pretty busy the last few weeks with my head down, bum up into furniture makeovers. I am trying to take advantage of my reasonable energy levels and reasonably size tummy for the moment. I know this is all going to change in the next few months so I want to grasp the opportunity to get things done now.

22 Week progress photo!

 I know that I have a limited amount of time left before my belly gets to big to try and work around. I'm already finding it a little bit uncomfortable to squat and bend over and paint things. The baby gives me a few wiggles and boots to let me know it's being squashed when I do this. Progress with "baby" is going well and all is healthy and happy. I am in the "honeymoon" phase as the obstetrician told me the other day. Not sure about that but I do feel a LOT better than I did 8 weeks ago. I still feeling quite tired but it could be because I am trying to achieve to much in a day.... just can't quite do the same amount of work with a baby in your belly!

 I thought I would show you the before photo's of all the projects I have currently on the go.... now that I am looking at them all I do realise I am trying to do a lot! Oh well I can't help myself.

The table above is a bargain I picked up for $10 nearly a year ago. I am planning on painting the legs and table top with some sample paint I was given. I also have a vision of a roman clock face on the table top with some french words in the middle. I am currently working on this at the moment so I can't wait to share the final result with you. Patience though dear friends... I take a little longer to finish things these days.

 Now most people would think what am I going to do with a perfectly good beside cupboard.... well I painted it! Yep painted it all up. Nothing escapes my paint brush in this house hold. I decided to use this in the nursery as a side lamp table next to my rocking chair. I wanted to add a splash of colour in the room as most of the furniture will be white.... you will have to wait for the reveal in the months to come to see what colour I painted it! :-)

This bentwood armchair is another bargain I picked up at a local garage sale probably nearly 2-3 years ago now. I think I got it for around $10 or so with a few other things. If I remember rightly it was one of the better garage sales we had been to as it was in an older house. We always get excited when we can scavenge through peoples old sheds and under houses, as we have found many treasures in our travels at these types of places. I am planning on doing this chair up and selling it as I really don't have room for it in our house.


This bookcase/shelving unit above fitted our old house perfectly. However in this house it really doesn't go. I am going to use this in the nursery and being the OCD person that I am I want all the furniture to tone in together. This dark would just wouldn't allow for that.... So I have painted it..... I have had no end in drama's with the enamel gloss paint I used and now wish I didn't! Lol But hey it looks pretty good if you stand far back from it. Will share final photo's soon!

Last but not least the cot for the nursery. This was given to me by my sister-in-law, which saved some money not having to buy one. However it does need a bit of TLC and touching up. I have palmed this painting project off to hubby to deal with. I think we will get a proper spray gun and spray paint it - it will be much easier than using a roller and brush.

Phew that's a few projects on the agenda to finish off. I am having fun doing it though - It's so nice not to be stuck on the couch rolling with nausea from morning/noon/night sickness.

On another note Feature Friday will be starting up again next Friday the 27th of April. This series is about showcasing local Australian designers and crafters and their products. Each Friday a talented designer will tell a little about themselves and there products along with a prizes to win! So keep your eyes peeled for this next week!

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