Antique Tea Trolley

 I finally finished the tea trolley that I have been working on over the past few weeks. Thank you to all who commented on facebook giving me some advice on what image to put on the top of it. It was most helpful as I am really struggling to decide on things lately and I can only put that down to baby brain.


I can't really say I picked this trolley up for a real bargain but I knew I could do it up and sell it for a bit of a profit once painted and looking good. I have managed to sell a few few items that I have done up lately for a nice profit which has allowed us to purchase items for the baby - so no dipping into savings which has been nice.

There wasn't really anything wrong with this trolley apart from the colour of the wood. I am not really a fan of "orange" stained wood - as you can see in my post of a small side table I did up a while back. I loved the antique rusty wheels that it had on the legs and I wanted to preserve them when I was painting. I taped them up good and tight so that no over-spray would land on them while I spray painted the trolley.

After I had applied the undercoat I then painted it in Dulux Natural White, which has a bit more warmth to it than the Dulux Snow White that I had been using previously for other pieces of furniture such as my dining room setting  and TV cabinet.

 It was then time to choose an image to transfer to the top of the table using the mod podge method I used on the french clock table. I was thinking of using this over sized utensil image but thought I would get an opinion on Facebook to see what others thought. The vote was unanimous to put some french words on the top.

I went to my go to girl - The Graphics Fairy for the french words that I would need for this. This site has such of variety of "French" inspired images that I had trouble choosling what words to use. To be honest I am not exactly sure what this says but i think it is a advert for a shop - I think. You can download image here.

I didn't end up distressing the edges of the trolley as I wanted to keep it looking a bit more chic rather than shabby and I didn't want the ugly orange wood showing through either.  The trolley suited my house so nice and I was so sad to sell it - but hey I really don't have any room left in my house to fit anything more.

 Don't forget tommorrow is Feature friday and I have a wonderful designer from southern NSW joining us to showcase her gorgeous products. She has offered a gorgeous piece for a giveaway and I really cannot wait to show you it.

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