Mother's Day Recipe Ideas.....

Mother's and Father's day always seems to creep up on me unexpectedly and generally I am left scrambling to try and decide what to buy and what food to make my mum for mother's day. Are you in the same boat?

Or maybe your a bit more organised than I am. However this year I get to celebrate mother's day for the first time.... well it will be and "expectant - mother to be" mother's day - but still it's a first for me! I don't think we will be doing anything particularly special for this mother's day. We will be away on holidays at Byron Bay so maybe a nice morning tea out somewhere might fit the bill.

Anyway I thought I might give you a little inspiration for some recipes from The Whimsical Wife recipe archives that might go down well for Mother's day.... whether it's for your hubby to make for you or you to make for your mum/mum-in-law.


Start the day on a healthy note with these N.R.G Pancakes served with berries or maple syrup and banana. or if you want something quick and easy try my Blueberry & Oat Mug Muffin for a quick but delicious breakfast option.

Morning/Afternoon Tea

For that something a little bit more special to serve for morning or afternoon tea you can't go wrong with my Chocolate Pikelet stack with fresh strawberries and cream. It's a jazzed up version of a good old pikelet. You can't go wrong with that.
Or fall back on an old favourite and serve some homemade Monte Carlo biscuits. These would also make a great gift presented in a cute jar with a tag attached.

Lunch/Light Dinner

If your stuck having to make lunch or dinner why not give these Asian Tuna Lettuce Cups a go. You can substitute the tuna with shredded roast chicken and it makes a substantial meal. For another great meal option whip up these delicious Moroccan Quinoa Cakes.


Dessert.... my favourite part of any meal. You cannot miss serving a luscious dessert for mother's day. If you pressed for time why not whip up my Sticky Date Pudding in a Mug or my Chocolate Pudding in a Teacup. If you have a little bit more time up your sleeve make something decadent like my Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Lemon Buttercream.

For more recipe ideas don't forget to visit my Recipe Page which has heaps of other great ideas.

Your mum's will love you now matter what you whip up.... even if it doesn't always work out how your anticipated.
The most important thing of all is to tell your mum you love her and appreciate her..... these words mean more than any gift you can buy her.

Happy Mother's Day xxoo

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