Winner + Bentwood Chair Makeover

We have had a lot of entries into the Shack Stuff giveaway through our Feature Friday showcase. Unfortunately there can only be one winner of this beautiful A4 Frame......

The winner of the Shack Stuff giveaway is:

Naomi Wysel is the winner.... !

Congratulations. Thank you to Shack Stuff as well for hosting this wonderful giveaway.


I thought I would share with you today one of the pieces of furniture that I have been slaving over for the last couple of weeks. Well actually I finished this over two weeks ago now and just haven't had a chance to photograph it. Just a little preoccupied with other projects now.

 I bought this bentwood armchair well over 2 years ago now at a local garage sale for a steal. I can't remember the exact price of it but it wasn't a lot. The chair had been painted white and then stained with this horrible brown colour. It didn't give the chair a nice look but I just didn't get round to prettying it up until now.


 I gave it a sand, undercoat and two top coats of Dulux Snow White paint. I found painting this chair VERY fiddly as most of the surfaces were round and not flat so it required a lot more concentration to paint. Painting is getting a bit more difficult now that my belly is growing and my back is getting a LOT sorer.
We recently invested in a new little toy - A Wagner Finespray Pain Gun. I love it. I didn't use it on this piece but I will hopefully be able to show you the pieces I used it on soon!

 After a good sand and rough up in certain spots this daggy chair has turned into a beautiful swan! I'm really happy with the result.

 My favourite part when I've painted a piece of furniture is making it "shabby" and "rustic" looking with a good sand and rough up. I usually concentrate on any imperfections in the piece and highlight these areas when sanding. This really brings out the character and charm of the piece of furniture and gives a well worn feel.

 The cushion on this chair is one I made and you can find the tutorial on how to make one of your own HERE. I ummed and ahhed over where to put this chair because lets just say.... my house is full. I really don't have a spare corner to sit this chair.

So after much thought and debate I have decided to sell the chair and french cushion together.... OVER HERE. It is a little hard to let it go as it's been sitting around for so long waiting for a little bit of love and attention.... and now that it is all loved up I'm going to sell it. Oh well such is life. So if you live in the Toowoomba area and want a chair & cushion like this..... let me know! :-)

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