My Top 10 Crafting & Sewing Projects.....

If your like me, I am sure you have days in which your fingers are itching to bake, create or just craft something? Especially now since old man winter is here and you're stuck inside on a wet, windy, cold winters day.


I struggle with sitting back and doing nothing and being pregnant has made me realise how much I need to be achieving something in a day... which is not always good when you need to rest.

However I found some great crafting and sewing projects on my friend Pinterest that are reasonably inexpensive, can be completed within a short time frame (yay for the impatient crafter) and perfect for a pregnant women who is meant to be taking it easy.

This is my Top 10 project list that I want to do while I start my "maternity" leave next week before bub is born in mid August. I may not even get through half of them but at least I have a few things up my sleeve to occupy myself - because I think I might just go a little crazy sitting at home "trying" to rest. Sitting in front of a sewing machine or at the table is kind of resting.... isn't it?

 1. Salt Dough Gift Tags.....

Aren't these just the cutest little tags? Made out of salt, flour and water - you can't get much more inexpensive than this.  I love the idea of making your own and the possibilites are endless with what shape, embossing, size you can make them. The website this picture is attached to doesn't have a tutorial on how to make them but The Cheese Thief has some great instructions.
I was thinking of maybe using this idea to create christmas decorations for the tree or having some up my sleeve to add a bit of interest to wrapped gifts! Another alternative recipe you could make would be cold porcelain which is similar to clay.

2. Embellished Tissue Paper

This project would go hand in hand with the salt dough gift tags.... all it takes is two pieces of waxed paper and some cut out shapes. Easy peasy and cheap.

3. Messenger Bag

How cute is this bag. It does look like it could be a little bit of work but a great way to use up some of that material you have been hoarding in your craft cupboard. Love the use of a man's belt for the strap! Super cute.

4. Twenty Minute Dress

I've had this one pinned for a while now and I really want to make it. I even have material lined up for it and everything. I think I will probably make it a tad longer but the style would be perfect for my ever expanding belly at the moment and for after the baby is born to cover the podge that will be around for a while!

5. Doily Art

I have these pinned to make for our masterbedroom. I just don't know how it will go down with hubby having doilies on the wall. Lol. You can pick up doilies quite cheaply at your local op shop and cheap canvas's can be found in junk shops.

6. Fabric Covered Notebooks

I think these are a great gift idea and a good project to use some of those fabric remanents you have stored away in the back of your cupboard!

7. Fabric Storage Boxes

I wish I saw this tutorial earlier! It would of been great to make these for the nursery instead of buying the "expensive" can baskets for under the change table..... I still think I will make some for the laundry when we do it up!

8. Decorate A Jar

I couldn't pick a favourite project for decorating a jar with so here's 50 idea's to choose from!

9. Make A Owl

 Ok so I thought I better add something in for the baby.... obviously I will have to make it neutral colours since I don't know what it is -  but I just love owls!
 10. Make a Skirt

Obviously this will be on my "to make" list once the baby is born and I have returned to a reasonably normal shape. Love some of the designs though... so cute.
 I will keep you posted if I complete any of the projects above. I am really keen to make a few of the gift tags so maybe I will aim to do that first and go from there! 
Which ones inspire you to get creative?
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