What advice would you give to your 13yr old self?

I've been reading a few blog posts in the last couple of months of people writing letter back to their 13 year old selves. Giving them advice for the future, telling them what mistakes not to make and generally reassuring them that life works out pretty ok..... sometimes.

What would you tell your 13 year old self if you had the chance?

I had a bit of think about it on my walk this morning (picture above) and wondered what I would tell my 13 year old self? Thirteen was not a great age for me... it was the age we moved from my home town of Gympie to Toowoomba where I now live. I had lived most of my life in Gympie. It was the only place I knew as home. I didn't want to move, leave my friends, sell our house, change schools and start a new life. I hated change with an absolute passion. If my desk got changed around in primary school I would nearly have a mental breakdown. I was that bad.

I liked familiarity, the known, I knew what to expect and that gave me comfort. But it also created a very insecure and self conscious 13 year old with no confidence in herself. I didn't want my comfort zone encroached upon, changed or messed with and moving to another town was about to turn my whole world upside down. I was not a happy girl... just ask my parents! Lol. I do believe I gave them a touch of "hell" for the first year or so of us moving to Toowoomba! Sorry Mum and Dad.

So here is my letter of advice to my 13 year old self....

Dear Melissa,

Firstly let me just say - moving to towns will not be the end of your teenage world as you know it. Yes it may be difficult at first and yes it is change but this will make you grow into a stronger and better person. It will stretch your comfort zone and help you become a more confident girl. 

Nothing bad will come of meeting new people, starting a new school and moving to a new town. See it as an adventure in life and grasp it with both hands. Take each day as it comes and do not worry about tommorrow!

You will finally get your own room which will be a dream come true. High school won't be your favourite time of life but find some good friends with good values and stick with them to the end.

Oh the band Hanson will come and go so don't get too obsessed with them ;-)

Boys are cruel as young teenagers so ignore them as long as possible and one day you will find they do grow up into mature adults... it just takes time! You will meet your future husband in Toowoomba so there is a positive in moving town.... I know the thought of marriage and children freak you out right now but be assured you do find the man of your dreams.

Don't read trashy magazines and compare yourself to the people in there - they are not real and you do not need to be like them. Be confident in who you are as an individual and what you like and discover that you are beautiful inside and out! 

Cultivate your relationship with God..... he will help you through the good times and bad. Be prepared for some hard times in your later teenage years with your mum being sick with cancer - God is in control and he will meet you in your time of need. You mum is a fighter and she will overcome this cancer!

Be happy with who you are and what God has given you. You don't need to be anybody else... Just be Melissa!

On a lighter note:

Your freckles on your face will fade with time - just make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat when your outside or they'll come back! :-)

Don't dye your hair chesnut brown - it will turn red (as your hair naturally was when you were born) and you will hate it for weeks! Don't cut your hair short when your on holidays ~ You will regret it for many many months.

 Love your future self................

What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Have a great weekend.......

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