Furniture Project Update......

I know I haven't posted any recent furniture restoration projects in the last few weeks and there is a reason for that..... It's called a baby bump! 

I'm kinda at the point at the moment that everything is difficult to do - even walking sometimes.  I am currently 34 weeks today and feel every day of it.  I have projects waiting in the wings to do but quite honestly I can't find the energy to drag myself outside to complete them.

This has been my first week as a stay at home wife and mummy-to-be and it has been a change of pace to what my "normal" life was before finishing work. This first week was a little bit of a struggle to tell you the truth. Trying to find a routine each day and keeping track of time so that I don't get caught in my pajamas at lunch time. Another thing that I probably didn't realise would be such a difficult aspect of staying at home is the lonliness.

I didn't really anticipate this until mid-week when I realised I hadn't really talked to many people in 3 days. Poor hubby has probably been sick of me as he has a wife who is like an excited puppy at the back door when he gets home! LOL. I have a feeling this is only going to get a bit harder when this little one comes along and I can't get out of the house as often. Maybe I will have to start learning to use the phone and ring people.... I'm just not a phone talker though.

I have enjoyed to ability to be able to curl up on the couch or jump back into bed when I'm feeling weary and tired  - but again not sure how long that will last when there is a baby in the house.

Anyway I wanted to show you some of the projects that are waiting in the wings to get completed. One of them I have started on a month or so ago and just can't get round to finishing it off completey.

This is the current piece of furniture I am working on. It's a gorgeous country dresser I found in my local op shop! Gotta love vinnies! My husband dreads it when I come home from my little jaunts to the op shop. It means he normally has to hook up his trailor and go and pick something up.

I have simply plans for this piece of furniture I have stripped the flat top section of the dresser with paint stripper to reveal the wood underneath. You can see me in my gear below all ready to strip some paint.

I will stain this top section to a nice warm stain and paint the rest of the dresser in a natural white colour. The look I'm going for is like the picture below. Good old french country style.  I might change the knobs of the dresser but I'm not sure yet.

I am going to sell this dresser once I am finished it... so if you're on the hunt for a french country dresser like the one above then I'm your women. (That's if your in the Toowoomba/Brisbane area).

I have another project sitting patiently in the garage....

These cane chairs I found on the side of the road ready to be thrown out. I have beem umming and ahhhing over what colour I should paint these. I had originally chosen a colour called "Aqua Bay" by Taubman's but after thinking some more and looking at a few inspirations I think I will go with a charcoal or black.


They will be matched with the French Clock Table I completed recently, which will be placed the front porch area of our house - which totally needs a serious makeover as well. That will be for another year though I think!

I do have two other pieces of furniture that are also squiralled away under the house to do..... but they are on long term storage for now until I have back on deck after having baby and ready to get into some serious furniture restoration...... could be a while away!

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