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I thought I would share with you today some of my maternity photos that I got taken earlier this week. My talented hubby took them in the paddock next to our house, which made for a great back drop in the late afternoon sun.

I had pinned a few photos on Pinterest for a bit of inspiration on what type of photo's I wanted to get taken. You can see my Maternity photo inspiration board if you follow me on Pinterest.

Thankfully I had a few vintage props sitting round the house like these cute suitcases that I picked up for a bargain a few year ago. I think I bought three of them for like $2-3 each at a garage sale. I made the signs up myself out of some scrapbooking paper and voila - vintage props!

As you may notice our dog Abby features quite regularly in these photos. It was not intentional at all... she just wouldn't stay out of the photos for some reason. It was quite funny really so we made do with her in them. Sooky dog I think. I really don't know how she is going to go when the baby comes along! She will be mightly put out with the lack of attention directed her way.

We only live 5-8 minutes from the center town but are lucky enough to have a windmill in the paddock next to our house where we took these photos. It's not like we live in a rural town or anything but it made for a great back drop I thought.

My talented hubby took all of these photos as I mentioned previously but it became a tad difficult when we needed to take photo's of us as a couple. So a tripod came in handy for these shots. However it took a few goes to try and get a decent one with having to run to position when the timer was going.

However I think they came up quite well considering it was a tripod and self timer taking these couple photos. I am feeling a lot more relieved now that we have taken these photos. I was getting a little stressed we might miss out as I am now pushing 36 1/2 weeks and was scared the baby would come early. 

The truth be known I probably will come late and would have had all the time in the world to get these done. I had my baby shower last weekend and hope to share some photos of the afternoon with you in another post. I hope to get some of these blown up and framed in the babies room or even make a photo book out of them.

Now to announce the winner of the Quilting Mumma cushion cover giveaway....

Congratulations Sarah. 
We will be in touch to get your details to send your prize out!

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