French Chic Cane Chair Revamp

The days are drawing closer until Baby Darr arrives and I have been finding myself still at a bit of a loss of what to do to fill my days with. Of course there is the obligatory cleaning, washing and cooking still going on but I have spread that evenly over the week so I don't really have much to do during the day at the moment. So what does a heavily pregnant woman do? Spray paint some chairs......

I picked up these chairs from a skip bin on my travels around Toowoomba a few months ago. I couldn't believe they we're getting thrown away as these chairs were still really structurally sound and in pretty good condition.

 They were a bit dirty and mouldy and one of them had a bit of ricketyness (if that's a word) about it and some some of the cane was undone around the joints of the chair - but other than that they were still in perfect working order. SCORE! So I lugged them into the care - which was a feat in itself as I really don't have a big boot or back seat. Somehow I got them in the car and brought them home.


 As you can see in the picture above there was a little bit of work needed in redoing the cane binding that had come loose. I spent a good hour or so winding the cane back around where it had come loose and attaching it with small little upholstery tacks and wood glue. I didn't get an after shot but the repairs came up quite good for a amateur job. It was very fiddly though and wouldn't want to do a lot of repairs on a cane chair.

 I gave the chairs a good scrub over with sugar soap to remove any built up mould and dirt to create a good surface to paint on. I didn't need to undercoat these chairs thankfully as I was using the Rust-O-leum Universal Spray paint to paint these chairs with. I have used this paint previously on my French Clock Table. It is brilliant to use as it is a paint and primer in one. So that mean skipping the undercoating and getting straight to business. It also can paint wood, metal, plastic and masonry without a blink of an eye and it's fast drying as well. I'm glad I chose to use this paint for this project as it made getting into the cracks and crevices of the cane chairs a breeze and the finished result as you will see below turned out to be quite spectacular.

On a bright, sunny, warm winters day - perfect for painting, I got set up and went to town painting the chairs black. When I initially told bevan that I wanted to paint these chairs gloss black I'm not sure he was convinced on the idea. I was sick of the same old same old white french look and wanted to go with something a little bit more classy and chic. These chairs would go with the French Clock table out on our front porch and I wanted it to make a bit more of a statement than the usual french look I go for. So I thought I would ramp it up a bit and go for more of a chic look and the gloss black really made that happen.

After painting the chairs , which only took a morning to do and they were dry and ready to go by the afternoon, I set them up next to the french clock table. I was a little disappointed in the effect they brought together as the silver legs on the table didn't really go with the look I was trying to create. So off with the table top and the legs got a re-paint with gloss black.

Yes I might be a crazy - but hey it looks a lot better together I think. I didn't know originally what I was going to pair with this table when I was painting it so if I had these chairs first I probably wouldn't of had to repaint the table legs. It took about 1 1/2 cans of paint to do each of the chairs with two coats of paint.

I thought to finish off the whole outdoor setting I would whip up some cushion covers to compliment the setting. I found this cool "wine" word fabric at spotlight when they had 30% off . So these cushion covers only cost me about $5 each to make. Can't complain about that. I gave them a spray of scotch brite to protect them, however I don't think I will be leaving them out constantly as it gets quite dusty and dirty on the front porch. Just for show.... when important people come round! Lol

So if you come around to my house and there is cushions out - feel very important! I am glad I went something a bit bolder with the gloss black as it really has transformed these chairs from drab to fab..... all in one day! Thanks Rust-O-leum. I am not paid to write about rust-o-leum paint however I do receive free samples to try at my discretion.

 I have had a sudden rush over the last few days to try and complete all the "little" niggling projects that I have around the house before this baby comes. I probably over do it most days but I am proud to say I have one project left to do. I have a heap of pre-scheduled posts coming up over the next 6 weeks of the things that I have been completing around the house. So don't think I'm being super mum when this baby arrives with all these things being pumped out!


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