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Since I have been waiting and watching the days tick by as my due date approaches I feel like some days I get a little agitated and anxious about what's to come and the frustration of being so close to meeting this little one but still so far away.

This journey to being a mum has taken a long and winding road over the past 4 years and no wonder I am getting impatient. I feel like its taking forever but in reality these last 9 months have probably been the least painful time we have endured - even though I was sick for a good 4-5 of those months. I have seen these 9 months as a joyful journey knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel and we will finally meet out little miracle very soon.

I thought I would give you a verse that has given me comfort and kept me sane over the last few years when I have been really struggling. I hope it encourges anyone out there who is struggling through hard times at the moment.

Keep your chin up! :-)

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