Tasty Tuesday - NRG Pancake Recipe Recap....

I am being a little slack today and showing you a recipe that I have already posted last year. However in my defence I think it is a great recipe and deserves a recap! 

I've been getting a little bored with breakfast at the moment. Porridge is not doing it for me at all and I think I have eaten toast most days of my pregnancy. I have had a brief respite with this Homemade Breakfast Muesli but there are even days that I just don't feel like eating that. So my other go to recipe are these NRG pancakes when I can't bear the thought of eating anything else.

They are quick to whip up and super taste. Served with berries, bananas or maple syrup you can't go wrong with them.

For the full post and recipe visit the NRG Pancake Post here.

Sorry for being a bit slack today but hey I couldn't get my act together this last weekend to bake anything fancy and if I had I probably wouldn't of had the energy to photograph it. 

I have managed however to get a few pre-planned posts for the next few weeks. I have written them up on some crafty projects I have been doing around the home - that haven't required a lot of physical energy being spent!  The first one is coming up this wednesday with a really easy decorative project using these littly fuzzy nuts I found on one of my morning walks recently.

 Another one is about creating your own original pieces of art using old sheet music and the picture below is about creating "vignettes" in your home! Curious as to what that is? Well you will just have to wait and see when that posts pops up near the end of the month! :-)

Anyway happy pancake making! :-)

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