Tasty Tuesday - Oat Recipe Round Up

You'll have to forgive me for not posting any new recipes in the last few weeks. The Whimsical Wife has been a little pre-occupied counting down the days until baby arrives, recovering from the flu and trying to do what little jobs I can around the house to keep it tidy!


Since I have been out of baking action for the few weeks I thought I would do a recipe round up on a few different "ingredients" over the coming weeks as I wait for baby/adjust to motherhood - depending if baby darr has arrived by the time this post comes out. My first recipe round up ingredient is Oats. A very verstaile ingredient to be used in cooking - as it can be used whole or ground into flour and there are a few different forms of oats that you can buy. Such as whole oats, quick cooking or steel cut. 

Oats are a great source of fibre, low GI, have cancer fighting properties, lowers cholestrol,  make a great breakfast choice and a great addition to any baked good. I thought I would share a few recipes from here and around the web that use oats that would hopefully inspire you to use them in your next baking session.

{Ultimate Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - From Oh She Glows}

{Homemade Breakfast Muesli - From The Whimsical Wife}

{Layered Maple Oat n’ Apple Dessert Jars - From Healthful Pursuit}

{Cranberry & White Chocolate Anzac Biscuits - The Whimsical Wife}

{No bake peanut butter granola bites - From Joy The Baker}

Hope these inspire you to pull out your oats and make something delicious!

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