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You might be scratching your head as you read the title of this post. A Vignette? What is that you may ask? Maybe the picture above might give you a clue.....

If you look up the definition of a vignette in the dictionary it can be defined as many different things. However in terms of the interior design and decorating world it basically means creating arrangements or displays around your home. To me  vignettes are little spaces that make you stop and appreciate a collection of items displayed in a pleasing manner. I think by creating vignettes in your home helps create a more "homely" and "lived in" look.

Vignette is not a term that I was familiar with a few years ago but as I started reading other interior design blogs - especially Miss Mustard Seed who is the queen of creating and photographing gorgeous vignettes in her home. Shes my inspiration for creating these little pockets of loveliness and also gives me ideas on different ways of displaying items in a pleasing manner.

You can create little displays on any type of flat surface around your home. On side tables, cupboards, TV cabinet, in kitchen nooks or on a dresser. Creating vignettes in your house can be lots of fun and I hope to be able to give you a few tips and tricks that I use and have learnt over the past few years to help you create a successful and eye pleasing display.

1. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Display

A symmetrical display can be defined as  having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts. Basically it means it is the same on one side as it is on the other.
Asymmetrical can then be defined as not symmetrical; lacking symmetry; misproportioned. So this means one side of the display is not the same as the other.
I know I am getting all technical on you and sorry if it's a bit boring but I just wanted to explain what each term means and it will help you in the long term to create eye pleasing displays.  This is the foundation of creating a good display - knowing what "type" of display you are going to create - symmetrical or asymmetrical and then using this knowledge to put together your collection of items. One thing to remember is - symmetrical display creates a "formal" look in a room where as an asymmetrical display creates a more "casual feel".

A Symmetrical arrangement creates a formal display here

2. Have a Theme

When initially deciding on doing a vignette, look around the room in which you are going to do it in. What colours, themes, items do you have already displayed and how did you want to incorporate this into your display. If you had a chic modern living area which had colours of red and brown and you wanted to display your shabby chic tea cup collection in the middle of this it just would not work very well. It just would not compliment the surround decor in anyway. An example of a better vignette would be a collection of photographs in varying textured and sized photo frames flanked by a shiny silver vase and some candles. If you were desperately wanting to display your collection of things somewhere try and create it in an area that it would compliment.

Rustic, country was the theme for this display, which is highlighted in the old books, old cutlery and cake tin

3. Varying Heights,Texture & Colour

When you go looking for a collection of things to put together for a display make sure you have items that vary in height and in texture.  If you need to elevate items why not use a stack of books, pedestals, tins or cake stands to help create the height you need. Variations in height add interest to the display and help draw the eye around it. Don't be afraid to display things behind one another because this adds depth to the vignette.
In your hunt for things to display keep texture in mind when grouping items together. Think rustic pieces paired together with shiny enamel or iron pieces to compliment each other. This variance in texture again adds points of interest to the display and stops it being bland and uninteresting.
It is important to also use splashes of colour in your display to compliment the surrounding room and to liven up your display. A great way to add splashes of colour are fresh or artificial flowers, candles or coloured photo frames.

Varying heights are used in this display to draw the eye along the arrangement.

Display things behind one another to add depth to the display

Use a bunch of bound books to create height in your vignette

A white themed vignette is enhanced by using a cake stand to create height.

4. Odd Numbers

The golden rule in interior decorating is grouping odd numbered things together.  Think bunches of three's or five's of things in similar sizes, shape, texture or colour to create maximum impact in your display. For some reason displaying pieces in odd numbers creates a stronger visual impact as opposed to even numbered items.

Using a collection of odd numbered glass bottles across a display adds better visual impact.

5. Display Collections

A great way to display your collections of things is to create vignettes and this is probably one of the reasons most people create arrangements around their house. If you have a lot of pieces in your collection why not pick out a few of your favourite pieces to create a vignette with instead of trying to make sense of a lot of pieces. This way you can incorporated other things into your display like I have done in the pictures below.

Displaying my some of my favourite things to collect... old bottles
Displaying old cutlery either bunched together in a glass bottle or tied together with some jute string

Don't be afraid to simply put away items that have been on display for too long. Create an area in a cupboard or draw to store these items that you need to put away for a while and pull them out in your next "foofing" session. The most important rule in creating vignettes is to have FUN! Don't be afraid to give it a go and realise that sometimes you have to arrange things around a few times before your happy with the final display.

After cleaning and re-arranging my hutch.
I recently had a "foofing" day to spice up the vignettes that I had displayed around our house. My definition of the word "foofing" is to play around and re-decorate. My husband will probably laugh at my use of the word. Oh well. I don't think I had changed any of the arrangements around our house for at least 6-12 months and they were getting a little stale. I had a lot of fun swapping and changing all my little collections and pieces around. Oh and not too mention wiping and cleaning all the dust that had collected there since I last cleaned it. Gotta love a fireplace.

So I hope that this post has helped you somehow get a handle on the art of creating a nice display in your home. I would love to see any arrangements that you have created using your collections. Pop them up on The Whimsical Wife facebook page.


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