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The count down for my younger sister is on for when her baby is due. She is 9 weeks behind me and has seen me walk through each stage of pregnancy, labour and newborn baby stages first. I think she has liked seeing someone else go through it and realise that things that she sometimes wonders or worries about is normal! Although I'm not so sure about the labour bit! ;-)

This photo was taken at my baby shower - I was 36 weeks pregnant and my sister Jess was 27 weeks pregnant.

My mum and I are in the throes of planning a baby shower for my sister at the end of this month. We are planning a high afternoon tea using proper tea cups and saucers and getting all dressed up in dresses and heels. It will be a nice change to get dressed up and out of my usual attire of tracksuit pants or pajamas.
I want to make up some sort of cute gift pack to give to my sister to help her in the first stages of motherhood. Something that will bring in a bit of a laugh but isn't too tacky. Cue Pinterest to save the day.

Source: via Whimsical on Pinterest

I found this pin above on making a survival kit for a new mum. How appropriate. I used my new found knowledge of "motherhood" to use some of the ideas above and create one of my own.

What you will need:

Small packet of tissues
Elastic hairbands/ties
Roll lifesavers
Packet of coffee
Facial wipes
Timeout Chocolate

30x 30cm piece of scrapbook paper (*to make the bag)
Double sided tape or glue

If you can't read what each item means here is a run down:

Tissues: To wipe away your tears of “Joy” on good days and tears of “Frustration” on the bad.

Hair Elastics:  To remind you to stay flexible (Oh and they come in handy on the bad hair days)

Lifesavers: To save you from those particularly hard days.

Time Out Chocolate: A reminder to take time out for yourself & with hubby.

Coffee: Sleep in a cup! No more need be said.

Facial Wipes:  For those days when a shower is a distant memory

Toothpicks:  To pick out the good in all situations.

Panadol: For when all else fails.

Other items you can add to the kit would be:

Marbles: To replace the ones you lose

Snickers Bar: To keep your sense of humour

Eraser: To remind you that everyone makes mistakes

Compact Mirror: To remind you that your important too.

Cozy Socks: Te remind you to take time to relax.

I whipped up a label on Miscrosft Word and colour co-ordinated it with the paper I used. Gotta love a cupboard full of scrapbooking paper. I have attached a link below for you to download the labels for you to use if you want to make your own survival kit.

To make the cute bag to put your little survival kit together I also have to thank Pinterest for this find. I found it really simple to make and you really can make any shape or size that you want with this tutorial I found.

Place it in all neatly in your cute little bag, punch two holes at the top and finish it off with a co-ordinating bow.... Voila. Mother's Survival Kit complete. You could make a pamper one or one full of different chocolates with each meaning something. Have a look on pinterest for other great baby shower ideas.

I'm pretty stoked with the finished result. I hope the contents will be of some use to my sister when her little one arrives! Goodness knows she'll need the coffee! :-)

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