Journey To A Family - Chapter 4

Continuing from Chapter 3

We had just had completed our second IVF cycle and had our second embryo inserted in late November 2011. The success rates of frozen embryo cycles working were around 30%, which left a bitter taste in my mouth knowing there was a huge "percantage' against us.  We had to endure the "Two Week Wait" again before we could be tested to see if this cycle had been a success. I was quietly terrified that this cycle would be like the first one... a failure! This second cycle really put my faith to the test in every way! A bible verse that kept me strong during this time was:

Psalm 16:8
I keep my eyes on the lord - with him at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

Friday the 16th of December...... 8.30am! I had to go to the local blood collection agency to get a blood test to see if the cycle was successful. I had not had any bleeding but I was having some cramping which didn't sit well with me. I prepared myself for the worst case scenario - Failure. The results of the blood test would get phoned through to me that afternoon and I knew waiting would kill me. So I popped into woolies and picked up a pregnancy test and ran to the shopping center toilets. Yes it does sound a little weird saying I peed on a stick in the shopping center toilets but hey I was a little desperate at the time.

So I did the test and sat in the cubicle and waited. Terrified to turn the stick over after the allotted period of time to see what the result was. I eventually got the nerve up to turned it over and I saw two red lines. I blinked and looked again..... What! It worked??? IT WORKED! I'M PREGNANT! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
I think I hugged myself and rocked myself back and forwards on the toilet! Hahaha.

I started shaking and feeling a little dizzy and faint all over. It was all a bit of shock that we finally had SUCCESS! Praise GOD! I ran out to the car and rang Bevan. I think it took me two or three goes to type his number into my phone because I was shaking that much! LOL. I shakily told him I took a pregnancy test (cos I was desperate - ha) and there were two pink lines! He said "what does that mean". Hahaha. I told him that we're pregnant. I don't think he believed it at the time either. We laughed together and had to calm ourselves down and remember we had to wait for the blood tests results to confirm if it was really true.

That day went SO slow. The call came through at 1.30pm ..... "Your IVF cycle is a success your PREGNANT!" My head was still whirling from that morning so I was trying to take everything in that the nurse was saying over the phone to me. I swear I was walking on clouds all of that day. I was to meet my mum for coffee that afternoon so I ran into BIG W and bought her a little "granny to be" present. A little bib saying "My first Christmas" or something like that. I can't remember exactly what it said and a pair of little socks. She was all expectant when she met me in the coffee shop wondering if I had heard anything back for the test results. I said I hadn't and proceeded to give her the little gift I bought. She took a moment or two to register what it actually was and what it meant! She wanted to scream - but we were in public! Hahaha.

6 week scan

It was such a sweet moment at the end of the day to see Bevan and have big cuddles! It was a very special moment. It was the best early christmas present ever. We finally would be able to have a little baby of our own .... a family! I was so excited but also bursting at the seams to share the news. We decided however to wait until the 12 week mark before announcing the news. We told our immediate family and waited.

12 week scan

29 week scan

 One week after finding out we were pregnant...... Morning sickness hit with a vengence! It stayed with me until about 20 weeks and then I had it on and off until the end of my pregnancy. We announced our pregnancy at 12 weeks with many congratulations all round. I was so happy to be able to finally announce it and proudly tell of our success. Our heads were still spinning and I don't think it really sunk in until I started to show around 5 months. Even then you can't really believe it until your holding your wiggling baby in your arms!
 I can't say I enjoyed being pregnant as such - I loved feeling him wiggle and kick inside of me but the exhaustion, nausea and other wonderful things that come with pregnancy just didn't agree with me! I'm sure sure I ever had that "pregnancy glow" that comes with being pregnant. I felt awful most days I was glad when it all ended .......

Chapter 5...... My Labour Story!

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