Tasty Tuesday... High Tea Baby Shower

This is the second time I have written this post. The first one I had completed and some how deleted it when scheduling other posts. I was SO annoyed that I did that because writing posts these days takes up time - which I don't have a lot of these these days. So to have to re-do a post just really made me a little be mad. ANYWAY moving on... I finally can show you all the baby shower we threw for my sister late in September.

My mum and I planned a lot of this baby shower before J.D was born in August. Thankfully we had the fore-sight to do this because planning and organising parties was the last thing on my agenda after I had him. I just wanted sleep! We sat down and planned everything. The theme of the afternoon, the menu, decorations and colour theme. We managed to even bake a few goodies and freeze them as well. This helped SO much as I had my hands full with a newborn baby leading up to the day and wouldn't of had the time to be doing a lot of baking.

I even managed to bake these Chocolate & Raspberry cupcakes which was the centerpiece of the high tea table. I simply cut out the fondant icing and placed the pre bought royal icing feet (from ebay) on the cupcakes the day before. Easy peasy. We got the cute cupcake wrappers from a friend who recently invested in a nifty paper cutter. These cupcakes were not on the menu for the high tea instead the were used as a gift for the guests to tske home in small white noodle boxes to be enjoyed later.

The theme of the afternoon was a high tea, the dress code was dresses and heels and we planned to have a lovely sit down afternoon tea with bone china tea cups. Mum had a whole cabinet full of old tea cups that she had collected over the years which we pulled out to use. No use in letting them collect more dust. We decided on creating a high tea table for the guests to select their goodies off. This was my second dessert table that I had created. The first one was for my mum's 50th birthday.

For the background of the table I used a large piece of core-flute board (from bunnings) covered in a gorgeous pastel polka dot fabric (from spotlight). We used this material as our colour inspiration for the rest of the party. My sister did know what she was having but she wasn't letting anyone in on the secret so we went with a colour palette of pastel rainbow colours. I made some pastel paper bunting with printed words stuck onto them to create the baby shower sign. I attached these with tacks to the core flute board.

We then chose the base colours for the tablecloth from the background material. Yellow and pink was what we decided upon and then brought the other colours in using the fluffy tissue balls (tutorial coming next week on those) and the cupcakes and food name tags. I decided upon doing a symmetrical display for the table which helped give it a formal feel. You can read more about creating displays on my post HERE

One side of the table was designated for savoury foods and the other was for sweet foods. As you can see the table was groaning under the weight of the amount of food we had. This was for 15 people! Lol Let's just say we do go over board a bit on the food front! But hey no one went away hungry that's for sure.

On the menu was:


Coconut Macaroons
Mini Chocolate Brownies
Mini Caramel Tarts
Mini Pumpkin Scones
Truffles - Peanut & White Chocolate
Mini Meringues
Fruit Kebabs


Chicken & Avacado Finger Sandwiches
Mini Spring Rolls
Spinach & Feta Parcels
Mixed Dried Fruit & Nuts

We set up two trundle tables together and layered them with white table cloths. We set out mum's china tea cups and plates at each place setting along with a thank you note and a napkin held together with a dummy. We filled the tea pots up with hot water and passed around a tea box filled with a selection of teas for the guests to chose from, as well as packets of flavoured coffee.

The guest did have to get up with their china plates to choose goodies from the high tea table. We did the sit down thing at my baby shower as well and it is a great way to keep conversation going and it includes everyone. I gave my sister her Mother's Survival Kit - hopefully it will be helpful to her now that she's a mumma!

Mum made this cute nappy cake for the centerpiece of the table. I think it is made up of about 70 nappies or so. It is topped off with a baby's bottle in the center of it. She made me one in blue when J.D was born. It is still sitting on our coffee table. I don't want to pull it apart because it looks so good.

My sister had her baby on the 10th of October. She had a little boy called Elijah Hudson weighing in at 7lb 9oz. I was so excited that she had a little boy - now J.D has a cousin to play with who is 6 weeks younger than him. Speaking of J.D he did so well at this baby shower. I think he was about 4 weeks old at the time and was a little angel the entire time... mind you he didn't sleep a wink! I think he was kept awake from a bunch of cackling women! Lol

So I hope this inspires you and gives you some ideas for your next party! I had so much fun planning and making this baby shower table and I am glad with how it turned out. I had a blast at the baby shower as well - being able to have a chat with some women and get my million word quota out for the day! hahaha.

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