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I aim not to turn this blog into all things baby and motherhood related. However I can't resist the occasional post about it - hey it's my new job now so I have to talk about it every known and again. My new resume reads - most proficient at changing a nappy with one hand, can handle being pooed, spewed (projectile mind you!) and wee'd on all in one day, can continue to talk in full sentences after a few hours of sleep the night before although I may not always make sense, can compare myself to a dairy cow being milked morning and night with a breast pump and I am a dab hand with concealer to cover the bags under my eyes!

 I can also tell you what a good and a bad burp cloth is! I got a few burp cloths from the shops before bub was born and they have proven not to soak the copious amounts of vomit that seem to come out of my childs mouth. For some reason the material they are made out of is water resistant and the vomit rolls right off them usually onto me and down the front of my shirt most times - much to my chagrin! 
I was given a really good burp cloth by a friend of mine who's sister-in-law had made a set for me for a baby shower gift. It was made out of terry towelling cloth nappies and cute fabric on the back. It was our favourite burp cloth and since we only had one of them I was continually having to wash it every other day. So I decided I needed to copy the design and go and make a few of my own to stock the cupboard with.
I went to target and picked up a 6 pack of terry towelling cloth nappies for $15 (picture above) and popped into spotlight and picked up some cute drill fabric to use as the backing. I think this cost me around $15 also - mind you I have copious amounts of the material left over for another project.
The great thing about these burp cloths also is the shape of them. The rounded shape allows the burp cloth to mould into your neck stopping the unwanted vomit dribbling down your neck and front! Fun times! I copied the design from the original burp cloth but since you all don't have one I would sketch the same shape onto some cardboard making it 40cm in length. 25cm at the widest point in the width and 17cm at the skinniest point in the width.
Once you have the template made cut out the shapes from the terry towelling nappies. I managed to get two of these out of one nappy and used the long piece leftover (below) as a long burp cloth as you will see later down below.

Using the pieces of nappy that you have cut out place them over your chosen fabric making sure the fabric is the RIGHT side up. (Seen below) Cut out each piece and pin together - keeping the pieces together as they have been cut out.

Sew a seam around the entrie burp cloth leaving an inch section unsewn (seen below where the pins are). This section will allow your to turn the burp cloth the right side out.

Turn the burp cloth the right side out and press the burp cloth with an iron to get a flat seam edge to topstitch later. Pin the opening where you used to turn in the right way out closed and topstich around the whole burp cloth close to the edge so that it closes the opening and leaves you with a professional finish.

Repeat the process with the remaining burp cloths and VOILA your done. You've just made the BEST burp cloths you'll ever own. They soak up the vomit like nobody's business!

I think I ended up making 6 curved burp cloths in total and 3 long burp cloths out of 3 terry towelling nappies. I still have a few terry towelling nappies left to make some as a gift for my sister when her bub is born.

I would recommend making these before your baby is born.... not after! These took me nearly 4 days to complete with cutting out, sewing and ironing them all! Things just aren't the same anymore with a newborn in the house! I know I keep saying this but the I am still trying to adjust to the changes my life has taken in the last few months since bub was born. I know people have told me my life will never be the same again but you really don't realise how much until your going about daily life looking after a baby and realise all the things you CAN'T get done in a day. Don't get me wrong I love being a mum and love this child to bits but I will be honest there are days when I hold my head in my hands with frustration of not getting the things I want done. You have to sit back and realise life is now about sacrificing your selfish desires and putting your childs needs and wants above your own. A hard lesson to learn when you''ve been living your own selfish existance for 28 years and being living a married life for 6 years without children.

I will let you know when I learn this lesson and move onto the next one! Might take a while! ha!

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