Duck Egg Blue Side Table......

I finally have got back into the furniture renovation groove again. After finishing the Telephone Bench I got the painting bug and went have at it over a period of a couple of days. Needless to say I wore myself totally out and it took a week or so to recover from my painting and sanding frenzy. 

  However I am SO very happy though to have got a few pieces completed and up for sale.

If you ever wondered what I do with all the furniture I renovate I will let you in on a little secret..... I sell it! Yup it comes through my door looking totally dejected and ugly and goes out my door looking totally spiffed up and gorgeous. Initially I was doing up furniture to go into our house to give it the "french country" style but after I had finished filling up our house with furniture I continued finding old pieces at the OP shop that just screamed at me to be loved and painted. So I obliged and decided to sell my finished pieces - with a bit of a sad heart because I want to keep a LOT of what I finish but alas there is just no room left to fit another little side table or cute coffee table. (Much to hubby's relief I think)

So if you live in Toowoomba/Brisbane or surrounding area's and want a sneak peak of what I have cooking in my spray booth that will be coming up for sale contact me here or you need something refurbed drop me a line also.

I picked this sad little table up a few months ago - I think I was heavily pregnant at the time and figured I should stock up on furniture to do after the baby was born. You know since I was going to have all this time on my hands (cough cough). Anyway I'm glad I picked it up. It was a cute little thing all petite and graceful looking. It just looked a little sad and beat up and in need of a makeover. So I was more than happy to oblige this little thing with a transformation. For those who think I'm a little crazy... no my furniture doesn't talk to me.... I think!

I have been lucky enough to have a angel of a baby who sleeps for good chunks of time during the day for me to be able to get any painting or sanding done!
 I gave this little table a good sand over and did the basics of undercoating with the Smart Prime undercoat. I used this also on the Telephone bench and I am extremely happy with the results that it gives. It basically stops the old stain coming through your new paint job which is never a good look.

After undercoating I sprayed it in Dulux Natural White and let it dry over a day. Then the fun began. I mixed my own version of "Duck Egg" blue from a few paint pots I had lying around. I used this same colour as the base colour for the Telephone table hoping it would poke through the top coat but it never did so I wanted to give this a proper go as the main colour.

After spraying it over the white paint and letting it dry properly over a few days I then attacked it with the sander. Always my favourite thing to do when renovating furniture like this. I concentrated on area's that would seem to have copped a lot of wear such as the knob, corners and edges of the piece.

It is imporant that you paint a layer of undercoat and then a base coat of white to get the desired effect above after sanding. I then gave the whole piece a wax with clear furniture wax to protect it and enhance the wood sections that were showing through the paint.

This little table turned out SO very cute and I wished I had room to fit it in some corner of my house.... but alas there is no room. :-( Anyway this little table is up for sale if your live in the Toowoomba/Brisbane area. I am hoping it is sold by the time this is posted but if you LOVE it and I still have it make sure you pop me a line on Facebook or here.

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