Octonauts Magazine Giveaway!

 Hey all I know I don't normally post on a Saturday but I just had to share this giveaway with you. I'm sure you'll forgive me for filling up your inbox with a giveaway opportunity.... right?

This giveaway will particularly suit those mums with primary aged kids!

 I have been given the opportunity to review the new Octonauts Magazine which has just been released in news agency's this past week. Now being the new mum that I am I will admit I had not heard of Octonauts before... however my husband had seen the show on TV somewhere along the line. I bet he secretly watches them when I'm not around. Ha

I'm am sure as our little boy grows and starts getting interested in cartoons he will be harping to me to watch Octonauts! So if you're not new at the mother thing and have primary ages kids I'm sure your rolling your eyes at me going .... "duh Octonauts are just the best thing ever".... actually that's probably your kids saying that!

Let's meet the Octonauts!

 (From Left)

We have Lt Kwazi - a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past.
Captain Barnacles - he is the brave polar bear captain of the Octonauts.
Peso -  A Spanish penguin who is the medic of the Octonauts.

The motto of this motley crew is to EXPLORE, RESCUE & PROTECT!

 I had a good flick through the magazine the other morning over breakfast (as you do) and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. The magazine is full of many fun and educational activities to help your kids learn and grow. Activities such as placing co-ordinating stickers in correct areas to create words, finish sentences and complete pictures, tracing dots to learn to write, colouring in and writing down observations. In this month's issue you receive a free FUN ball which is also a plus. This magazine would make a great school holiday gift for your kids for over the holiday season to keep them out of your hair - keep them entertained or great Christmas gifts for all those nieces and nephews! Hmmm great idea!

SO I have one copy of the new Octonauts Magazine to giveaway!
Simply enter below to be in the draw to win.
This is for Australian Residents Only - Giveaway closes Thursday 22nd November 2012

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Even though our Little boy can't read yet he seemed to LOVE the bright pictures of the magazine! Can you believe he's 3 months old today! Where has my little baby gone! *sigh*

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