Tutorial - Fluffy Tissue Balls

 As promised in my post early this week about my sister's baby shower I have a tutorial today for these Fluffy Tissue balls that I created as part of the baby shower High Tea table. I looked at buying something similar at spotlight but couldn't get past the nearly $20 price tag for 2-3 tissue type balls.

 So once again I looked at trying to figure out a way to create my own tissue balls on a budget. I did a bit of research on pinterest but they only had fabric ruffle type creations used to decorating bedrooms etc. So I had to come up with something on my own! So with a bit of thought this is what I came up with!

To make your own Fluffy Tissue Balls (To make 3 ) you will need the following:

4 pkts of tissue paper (containing at least 5 sheets in each packet)
2 small Foam Balls
1 large Foam Ball
Tooth Picks
Sticky Tape

Step 1. Cut all your tissue paper into squares. Try and get as much as you can out of the tissue paper by measuring it and cutting it to create even squares.

Step 2. Select 5 peices of tissue paper squars and arrange in a star pattern like below.

Step 3. Pick up the tissue star by the middle and scrunch slightly - like below.

Step 4. Fluff the front layers of the tissue star to create an even looking tissue "flower"

Step 5. At the back of the tissue star where you created the pinched section. Insert a tooth pick and secure it with tape around the pinched section that you had created.

Step 6. Insert the now created tissue "flower" into the foam ball starting in the center and moving your way around the middle of the ball as seen in the photos below.

Step 7. Repeat the process until you have filled the entire foam ball with tissue "flowers"

I found that for the small yellow tissue balls I used a packet of tissue paper on each ball and for the larger blue tissue ball I used the 2 packets of tissue paper. They are really easy to create but do take a little time to complete. I did them at night when bub was down for the night while watching TV. I think hubby may of thought I was a little nuts making all these little tissue paper flowers and sticking them into foam balls, however after I finished he did say they looked good! So I hadn't gone crazy after all! lol

That is the finished product below. I used glass jars to sit them on to create height in the display as I couldn't hang them off anything for the table.

I think I will re-use them in J.D's room some how because after all that work I put into them I don't think I want to put them away in a cupboard to get crushed! I am thinking I will try and hang them from the room in his room some how.... just have to convince hubby to try and figure a way to hang them without screwing holes into the roof! Ideas anyone?

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