I am not SUPERWOMEN! Are you?

 Like the title? I should - because I am no superwomen.
 Although some times I think I try to be!

Do you as young/older mother's feel like you should have it all together? The house cleaned - sparkling in it's clean ambience, dinner prepared, children clean faced and happy and you looking like one of those super models who just had their baby 2 weeks ago and still look like they did before they had it?
*This is a mother/wife/girl rant so all those gentleman out there who read this blog may want to skip this post* LOL

 SO flipping frustrating! I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves as mother's and wives to put on this face that we have it all together OR that fact that we can't get it together at all to put on that face we feel like a failure as a wife and a mother. 

Ladies .... I don't think we need to be like this? Do you feel like just being honest with people around you and say I.AM.NOT.COPING or hey I have crumbs on my floor, I haven't brushed my teeth or put deodarant on today and hey that's alright I'm not perfect and neither should you be.

People probably think I am superwomen doing all that I do on this blog with a near 4 month old baby. Can I let you in on a little secret .... Some days I just want to sit in a corner and cry! 
Cry because I'm tired, overwhelmed, trying to do too much (my own fault), have high expectations on myself that I can't meet, frustrated that I still look 4 months pregnant and I'm too tired to do anything about it. Oh don't get me wrong I really do love being a mum. It's been such a precious time raising our little boy but there are some days I can't get myself together. Like sometimes it's lunch time and I'm still in my pajamas, hair unbrushed, no deodarant on and scratching my head wondering what I have been doing all day .... oh that's right looking after a baby! 

I'm being daring and putting a "no frills" photo of me up! This is what I look like most days of the week! lol
Some day's I feel like giving up this blog because I feel like it's too much work and I feel like I am always trying to squeeze it into the day to complete things such as photographing food, writing up posts or processing photos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking though and doing up the furniture that I do and I find it a great outlet - I just put a high expectatation on myself to put out a reasonably high quality post for you to read twice a week.

Why am I ranting about all of this because I think we all need to step back from ourselves and give ourselves a BREAK! We're mums, wives, daughters, cooks, cleaners etc - we wear many hats and we need to pat ourselves on the back for what we achieve in the day - even if it is to brush our teeth, put some fresh clothes on and maybe just maybe brush our hair. Our houses don't need to look like something out of a magazine nor does the food we put on the dinner table.
 What is MOST important is how we bring up those little time wasters .... our gorgeous children!

I've realised they are only little for so long and this is only a season for so long! I have been trying to step back from all the things I want to get done in my day and sit and watch my little boy. Laugh with him, snuggle him, smother him and kisses and play games with him! Enjoy him at every stage of his life and love him with all my heart. We waited to be parents for SO long (our story here) and I don't want to miss him growing up - it's too much of a precious time for me. 

So if I have crumbs on my floor - who cares, if I haven't cleaned my shower in a fortnight - who cares (mmm maybe hubby might lol), if I don't get what I want done on the blog - who cares (you'll forgive me right?)

I hope this inspires you a little to let go and release those "expectations" on yourself and to realise you can only get done what you get done! YOU.ARE.NOT.SUPERWOMEN!


Are things warming up at your place? They certainly are where we live! Thought I would pop in a quick recipe for those who need a little refreshment:

Check the recipe out here

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