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I thought I would give you a little insight to what's I've been reading and making around the house lately. I know I show a lot of pretty food photos and furniture renovations but I obviously do other things to fill my time. Oh a certain little someone fills most of that time up but when I've got a free minute this is what I like to do.

 Yes sprouting is one of those things......

It may seem like a lot of work to make your own sprouts but it isn't really. I read a post over at Honest Fare about sprouting on your windowsill in a jar. I thought sprouting involved special trays and special seeds etc but after reading the post my mind was blown open - it really easy very simple. I hope to do a post on sprouting and how to use them in everyday recipes. I used a half bag of simple dried green lentils from the supermarket and got my own sprouts within a couple of days. Mind you I did make way to much so I passed some on to my mum and dad. It isn't time consuming which is always a plus for a time pressed mumma.

Another little thing we have growing away on our window sill is a ginger beer starter. Yes we're getting into the moonshine business and making our own ginger beer. Well Hubby is making it anyway! I just have to feed the little baby some ginger and sugar everyday to keep the fermentation process going. After that hubby does his thing and makes it up into plastic soft drink bottles. We have made them in glass once before but they EXPLODE (as would plastic but it's less destructive). So currently we have some ginger beer bubbling away in our newly renovated garage , we hope to crack open a few bottles this long weekend. 

Hubby got the recipe of the Down To Earth Blog. I recently read Rhonda's book called down to earth - "a guide to simple living". I was really inspired by this book and definitely recommend it to read. This book epitimises the self sufficient and simple living lifestyle. It is more of a make-do-&-mend approach which really inspired me to re-think how we live our life. Not continually having to go and "buy" new things all the time but re-use, renovate and recycle what you have lying around your house. It has everything in it from budgeting  to how to clean your house using "green" home made cleaning products. It would make a great gift to someone moving out of home or if your want to "clean" up your lifestyle and live more simpler. I got the book out at my local library and if your's doesn't have it you should recommend that the library invests in a copy!

 I love to read - give me a free hour and I would glady sit down with a cuppa and read a book. I make good use of my local library with monthly visits there to pick up a new load of books. I generally read in the bath (yes thats my "ME" time) or after bub has gone to bed in the evening with hubby on the wingback chairs. What's in my library bag you may ask? Well the picture above is just a portion of some of the books that I have been reading lately. Yes I get a fair few cook books out in my monthly load. I think people think I'm a little strage reading cookbooks but hey they really inspire me in my everyday cooking. I love a good romance or mystery novel too. 

 Ok so I am no fashion expert by any means but a girl is always up for some re-inventing of herself. This book was a great read. The book showed everyday women with normal body types basically getting a wardrobe and style makeover. It showed what worked for that body type and what didn't. What staples are necessary for a good wardrobe as well as accessories and shoes. 

 This book was recommended by a friend. (Thanks Lacey). This book is from the interior design and decorating blog "Design Sponge". I really enjoyed reading this book and I think I even took it into the bath with me to read!. It basically showcases a whole heap of homes and rooms with different interior styles. I got heaps of great styling and deocorating ideas out of this book and got a tad envious of some of the rooms in the book! Just gorgeous!

I can't go past a Jamie Oliver cookbook. Out of the two books I think I enjoyed the ministry of food book over the italian cookbook. Purely because it had more "everyday" type of meals that I would cook rather than recipes that take a bit more time and need special ingredients to prepare. However saying that I loved them both and really enjoyed reading them.

What have you got planned for this long Australia day weekend? We are meant to be going to the beach but the weather is atrocious - pouring rain and wind. So I don't think we will be getting a lot of swimming done!

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