My Verson of a Weis Bar

 So I know it seems I'm a bit lazy posting an old recipe but since things have been SO very hot round here I couldn't resist tantalising you with these Mango & Passionfruit Popsicles.

 This is what I have been craving - well anything cold really would make me happy at this point in time.

 The heat does not agree with me or maybe I don't agree with it? Which ever way it just leaves me tired, cranky and irritable on that's on a good day. Add in a cranky, over tired baby who we think is starting to teeth and well I'm a force to be reckoned with at the moment. Ha. I feel sorry for my poor husband he ducks for cover most days at the moment.

We had a pretty disastrous weekend really, which left me gulping down rescue remedy to stay calm and not blow my lid. Just to let you know I was born a red head so I have a bit of a short wick. Anyway Saturday afternoon was a scortcher with high humidity and it was just miserable. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the A/C eating these iceblocks and just flake out as I was feeling pretty exhausted from a particularly trying baby. Hubby went to grab the vacuum cleaner out of our storage area where our small bar freezer is. To his dismay he finds that the it was unplugged (no names mentioned who did it) and was forgotten to be re-plugged. SO it defrosted itself - this freezer was full of meat and leftover meals.

 I could of cried - or blew my lid. Thankfully I did neither. The meat was salvagable as it was still really cold in the freezer but would have to be used ASAP. I didn't want to waste the meat so I had to pull out my pots and pans and cook 2kg of sausages and a portion of mince. I was hot, a little frustrated but trying to find the positive in it all - I would now have a lot of prepared meals in the freezer when I was feeling really lazy. I ended up making a batch of devilled sausages, a batch of sausage paella and a batch of spaghetti.Unfortunatley we did throw most of the leftover meals away as I didn't want to risk anything with the already cooked meals being thawed and defrosted so many times.

Anyway on sunday after the worst sleep I have had in months due to the heat and a restless baby. We woke to find maggots crawling out of the bin I had thrown the sausage bags into. I had rinsed the bags out so there wasn't any blood in them but I guess not well enough. I nearly cried (and dry-retched) again. YUCK! Let's hope thats the last of the bad run of unfortunate events.

Do you have those types of days when you think nothing else could possible go wrong - then it does! I am trying to find my balance in these situations and not blow the roof when they do happen. It may be my biggest new years resolutions yest - learning to keep my cool. I made this Keep Calm sign below for my own amusement! LOL

Make your own sign here

What would you write on your own sign? Would love to hear what yours would say! Make one up and share it over at The Whimsical Wife on FACEBOOK

Maybe this sign below is a little more appropriate!

OH and be sure to check out the Mango & Passionfruit Iceblock recipe! You'll love it.

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