Top 12 Posts Of 2012......

I trust that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a rockin` New Year! It's been wonderful being "unplugged" from the blog for the last 10 days or so and just enjoying celebrating with family and friends during this festive season. It has been a wonderful time to get refreshed and rejuvenated for the year ahead.

I will do a post soon on our festive celebrations but in the mean time I though I would do a recap of the past year's Top 12 posts for 2012!

I really loved this antique tea trolley and wished that I could of kept it. It was snapped up quickly along with my bentwood chair. I adored the french script on the top shelf! I am yet to incorporate that into a piece of furniture that is going to stay in my house!

11. Mothers Survival Kit....

I made this cute little gift for my sister for her Baby Shower back in september. It has all a mother needs to survive the first few months of a newborn! (i.e - chocolate and coffee ha)

10. Queen Anne Dresser Makeover....

This gorgeous little set has a little place in my hear and again I wished I could of kept it! I sold this as a set and hopefully the owner enjoys it as much as I did doing it up! I used milk paint on the chair which turned out so nice and "rustic".

9. Clay Tags....

I had so much fun making these clay tags and it seems you all wanted to know how to make them too! Another recipe you could try would be the white dough ornaments that I did for my Christmas Tree this year.

8. Beef & Barley Soup....
This soup is a cracker of a winter recipe - you must bookmark it for when the weather cools down. I cooked it in my new best friend in the kitchen - my pressure cooker!
This clock table was my first project for transferring images to wood, Since then I have branched out and done a few more pieces with this finish such as the cute Queen Anne side table,  and the antique tea trolley above. I also got a bit adventureous and transferred an image to some fabric for the Telephone Bench. I revamped the table again to match some cane chairs I did up - see it's new look here.
 Earlier on in the year the "Mug" dessert craze bubbled over and this sticky date pudding was my creation for it. I also made a delicious blueberry and oat breakfast mug muffin.
 I created this dessert table for my mum's 50th birthday earlier this year. The theme was pokla dots with pink, white and red. It was an "ice cream parlour" with heaps of different lollies in the pink, white and red theme to sprinkle and mix into your icecream! The star of the show was the cherry ripe cupcakes.

This was the other "mug" recipe that I created in response to the mug dessert craze. This one rated higher than the sticky date pudding above! It was a birthday treat to myself and I enjoyed every mouth full!

This is another winter warmer recipe - although I don't mind a good curry in summer! Gets some good sweating going! This is a wonderfully easy curry to make and so delicious!
This recipe has rated highly every year! It's such a cute cupcake to make and something that little bit special!
This light has been the highest hitting post on my blog this year! It was so easy to make and it turned out really well. I have been meaning to do a post on our Little Boys finished nursery! That is on my to do list for this year!

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