Cara Box Swap

I recently was a part of the latest round of the Wifessionals - Cara Box Exchange.

What is a Cara box exchange you ask? Well I will gladly explain.

A Cara box is basically a goody gift box which you  make and send to a specified blog friend but also receive one from someone else. Basically a long line of people passing presents to one another.  Who doesn't love to receive a present in the mail? I sure do! I recently learned of this exchange through one of my daily blog reads - La petite Lulu who participated in the last exchange. I thought I would really enjoy spreading some love around so signed my name up for the up and coming month of February.

Each month there is a theme for the box which you have to put together for your nominated blogger friend. The maximum amount you have to spend is $15 and a minimum of 5 presents. It is a great way to get creative and use your imagination to give your new friend the best of your creative ability. February's theme was "Club Sexy", when explained by the creator it basically broke down  towhat would your "Perfect Date" would be. Ask me last year when we didn't have a baby in the house and I would of said - getting dressed up and having a posh dinner out on the town. When asked now what my perfect date would be I had to sit back and think for a little bit. I guess my priorities have changed a little over the last 6 months since our little champion arrived. Life is not the same and what I want most has changed as well. My answer boiled down to this - having quality time for MYSELF and spending quality time with HUBBY. So that is what my box reflected upon opening....

Jen was so sweet and very thoughtful when putting her present together. She even bought something for J.D. I cannot wait to pop on those socks (after a bubble bath of course), crack a bottle of wine open, light the candle and snuggle with hubby while we watch the Time Travelers Wife (love that movie by the way). It may take a little convincing on hubby's behalf to sit and watch it .....! So a big shout out to Jen from Love From Jenna. Make sure you pop over and tell her Hi! I thank you for your Cara Box. J.D loved his little hammer toy and rolled around all afternoon chewing on it!

Poor little fella has been teething off and on over the past week which has left poor mummy a little strung out trying to keep him comfortable and soothed. The last two days have been pretty awful with a VERY sad baby in The Whimsical Wife household. Not even singing and dancing from mummy will bring any smiles in fact in makes him burst into tears..... hmm maybe that says something about my singing and dancing after all! Upon inspection this morning I saw one tooth had started cutting through the gum so hopefully the second one will get to it and pop on out as well to give this little guy a break (and mum too)

I sent my Cara Box to Sarah over at Special Moments. Pop in and see what I sent her once she writes or reveal post.

What is your ideal date night?

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