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I have been meaning to write this post for the past 7 months since little J.D was born. I wanted to show you his nursery and what I did to decorate it. The time seem to get away on me  and I can't believe it's been 7 months now. My little boy is growing up WAY to fast. 

I did a post this time last year on my nursery inspiration. Some of the photos don't seem to be coming up on that post so you will have to click through to view them. I was going for a light, airy, whimsical feel for both the boy and girls nursery. Of course I was leaning towards a girls room - don't all mums? But had to make a fast U-turn when little J.D made his way into the world.

Below is the original room before we bought and re-painted the house. The walls were a ghastly bright purpley-pink colour with seriously gross shag pile carpet.The inside of the wardrobe also had lovely pine panelling to finish the room off nicely. Blergh. This room is inset from a overhanging porch out the front so it does not get a lot of direct sunlight to brighten the room up. A blessing in disguise when you want your baby to sleep in but can make the room feel gloomy and dreary on a cloudy day. Maybe that's why they painted it such a eye wateringly bright colour.

 We painted and re-carpeted the entire house before moving in which was a relief to my OCD tendencies. Don't get me started on the kitchen though! We painted the walls in Dulux Hogsbristle and trimmed the skirting and architraves in Dulux Fair Bianca. The room became many things in the period of the first year we lived here. A spare bedroom, a craft room, a food photography studio and all the while I was yearning for it to be a nursery. The day we finally found out we were pregnant my mind went into overdrive about decorating ideas and possibilities. I didn't explore any of them though until we reached the 3 month mark and announced we were pregnant. Then the fun began.

In the early stages of getting the nursery together.

 You can view my Pinterest Nursery inspiration board here. I think I spent a lot of time on pinterest while I was pregnant looking for inspiration and ideas. I was leaning towards owls or birds if it was girl and something with animals if it was a boy. Soft pastel colours would be featuring in both types of rooms with a base of neutral tones. The initial projects that I completed before J.D was born was the Pendant String Light and the photography collage wall. They were unisex and would go with whatever colour I was given to work with when bub was born,

We were trying to be as thrifty as possible in decorating this nursery so a lot of furniture was lined up to be painted starting with the cot. Thankfully husband did that job for me as I think I was getting quite big by the time we got round to finally painting it. The cot was given to me by my sister-in-law which had serviced her 3 kids. It was in great condition but just needed a facelift. We painted this in Dulux Fair Bianca (acrylic) to match in with the bookcase I had painted.


Another project which I completed during my pregnancy was painting this laminate bookcase in Dulux Fair Bianca. I used Enamel Gloss paint to paint this and I would honestly say I will never do something like this again. I had to wear a mask because the fumes of the paint were quite strong, enamel paint is a PAIN to work with and after I finished my last coat of paint on it, rain poured down and left nice little divots all through the paint job. I managed to fix it as best as I could and you can't even see it with all the things filling it up. I vow and declare though never to use enamel paint again OR to try and paint a laminate piece of furniture!

A job to be done once we knew what sex the baby was once born was painting my old bedside table I had as a teenager. I wanted this to be a bit of a feature piece to bring some colour into a already neutral room. So I chose to paint it a lovely blue - Robins Egg Blue to be exact. This was one of the colours I went with as part of a colour scheme for the room. Other colours I used were yellow, grey, bright green & white.

I created the Vintage Crackle initials of bub once he was born and you can read my tutorial here on how to make some yourself. I had the old suitcase for a few years before which I picked up at an old garage sale for a few dollars. The vintage books were a baby shower gift and the ornaments on the side table are from my child hood. The silver moneybox train is from Nanny & Poppy.

My brother-in-law made this gorgeous Noah's Ark tapestry for J.D as a Christmas present. I just love it and I am sure J.D will too when he's old enough to identify all of the animals hanging out of Noah's ark.

Once J.D was born and I was back onto my feet again I jumped straight in to finishing the room off properly. The first thing I made was some bunting to hang over the window which is also mimicked in the quilt I made for J.D's cot and the pillow sitting on the nursing chair. I used a range of different patterned material in my chosen colour scheme to add some texture to the room.

Since I was going for a bit of a carnival theme I decided to embellish the cushion I made with a cute little elephant with J.D's first name (which has been photo shopped out for privacy reasons) embroidered under it. I think it finished it off nicely. I also got some photos printed off to put into the photo collage for the wall. Some of them are our maternity photos and some are off him as a newborn baby. I will obviously swap and change these photos and even add some cute prints in there as well eventually.

After my sisters baby shower I was left with these blue and yellow tissue balls which I had created as part of her high tea table. Since they matched in nicely with the room I decided to hang them from the roof over the change table to give J.D something to look at. When I first initially put them up he was pretty enamoured with them just staring at them in awe. Now he just wants to pull them off the roof!

So that's the room in it's entirety I will write a list at the end of the post of where I got most of the items in the room if you are interested in something particular.  I will leave you to browse the rest of the photos in peace.

Set of Frames // Target 
Cot // Second Hand
Side Table // Second Hand
Cube storage unit // Kmart (similar here or here)

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