Happy Easter.....


Wishing everyone a happy easter from The Whimsical Wife and her little easter bunny sidekick.....
 Yes I couldn't resist dressing the little fella up. 
He is going to thank me for these photos when he's 21.

 Since it was J.D's first easter I thought I would make a celebration of it and take some photos to mark the occasion. Much like I did at christmas time. When he grows up and looks back on these photos I think he will look at me and say ... Why mum? Why? Hahaha.

I saw these cute little bunny ears and tail pack at BIG W along with some plastic easter eggs to get into the easter theme. To mark the special day I also bought him a Peter Rabbit book which I will write a special message to him in as a keepsake.


 He LOVED rolling around the rug chewing on the plastic eggs. The ears didn't bother him at all and he certainly played up to the camera like he always does. I think he has had it pointed at him a few million times to know what it is.


Ahh mum do you really have to?

 I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe break and remembers what this season is all about .... not chocolate bunnies and eggs but the story of Jesus rising again.

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