Top 10 Tips For A Budding Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur and what does it have to do with me?, you may ask!


  1. A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.

Whether you operate a blog, have a small stall at a market, just starting out with your own small business or operate a large business any advice on how to expand further your passion in life will go a long way. There is a new magazine on the block called the messenger collective.

Messenger COLLECTIVE is a new lifestyle and entrepreneurial consumer magazine that hit news stands on Monday 4th March 2013

messenger COLLECTIVE's is filled with 92 thought-provoking stories featuring incredible talent from myriad of businesses and walks of life. It will provide the how-tos and resources that will inspire and encourage   readers to bring their own vision, goals and dreams to life. The international contingent includes: Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist for Apple and Dandapani, Hindu priest and world-renowned meditation teacher.  From Australia we have ground breakers Lorna Jane Clarkson, Bradley Trevor Grieve, who is the author of international bestseller The Blue Day book, jewellery designer Samantha Wills lauded as the "the breakout star" by The New York Times, Kate Vale from Spotify and many more.

So what advice do we need to hear?

LISA MESSENGER, editor of messenger COLLECTIVE shares


For the launch issue of messenger COLLECTIVE the team spoke to over

107 EXPERTS and leading names in the BUSINESS WORLD, from

start-ups to established brands both locally and internationally.

Here’s some of their key pieces of ADVICE:

ONE Lead by example – The difference between and boss and a leader, is the boss says, “Go” and a leader says, “Let’s go!”: Brian Moran, Former Executive Sales Director on The Wall Street Journal.

TWO You can influence and persuade people by building a relationship on trust, likeability, competence and constantly thinking of others: Guy Kawasaki, The Apple Fellow and former CXGief
Apple Evangelist. 

THREE Be crystal clear on your vision and know what you want to communicate: Samantha Wills, internationally sought after jewellery designer. 

FOUR Have an unwavering belief in yourself and the rest will follow: Lisa Messenger, Editor
Messenger Collective. 

FIVE A true entrepreneur does something outside the square and refuses to take “no” or failures as a final answer: Justin Herald, Attitude Gear/Motivational Speaker.

SIX The key to marketing success is listening to the positive things people are saying about your product and blow these up: Willem Sunderland, Buzz marketing.

SEVEN Work out what’s important, and make choices throughout the day to keep things simple. By taking the time to stop and clear your mind you can better direct your energy: Dandapani, Hindu priest and one of the world’s foremost meditation teachers. 

EIGHT The onus is on us to change everything we do to keep pace with the speed society is moving: Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry.

 NINE Always show up, always be out there and be interested. Always be looking and have your eyes open and seize every opportunity that comes your way: Karen Walker, fashion

TEN I believe if you have a dream, the dream will get you there: Lorna Jane Clarkson, Lorna Jane Activewear.

Do any of these pieces of advice resonate with you in your current situation?  

I think number seven applies to me - I get so caught up in the minute things in life that I forget what I had planned to do for the day and when the end of the day rolls around I realise I got way too sidetracked with other silly things that I did. This applies to the blog as well when I want to sit down and write a post, photoshop some photos or write up a recipe I get side tracked on looking at facebook or some other random site which wastes the precious time that I had set aside to do this task! I hope you can take something away and apply it to your business in some way!

{Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post and all opnions are my own}

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