Food Styling & Photography Progress.....

 It is day 6 of photographing the 55 recipes I have been employed to do for 28 day meal plan. Can I just say I am feeling pretty tired right this minute. I have managed to photograph 18 out of the 55 photos to date which I am feeling pretty stoked about. I am closing in on the half way mark.

 I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous leading up to starting this project because I felt a lot of pressure and responsibility to do a good job... no a GREAT job. I am getting paid to do these photographs so I want to do the absolute best that I can.

 I am a perfectionist when it comes to trying to plate, style and photograph any type of foods. I am a bit too meticulous in my approach, which isn't always a bad thing but it can drive me nuts at the end of the day. Especially when you are on your fifth photograph for the day, I'm tired and I just can't get the placement right of these wraps below. Baby J.D wakes up 30 minutes early from his sleep and I just about lose the plot. Don't get me started on trying to choose a final picture from each recipe. I am so indecisive I just can't choose one.
I think my husband will be relieved when this job is over because he will have a happy and rested wife to come home to at the end of the day. Not one who can barely speak a coherent sentence or drags her feet to go to the bathroom. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing I just have been squeezing in a few extra photos per day which leaves me feeling mentally & physically exhausted at the end of the day. I will say even though I feel pretty wiped at the end of the day I have been having a blast cooking, styling and photographing these recipes. My creative juices have been marinating for so long that they have had a blast been let out to play. I don't wake up dreading what the day will bring but jump into prepping the ingredients for the first recipes of the morning. I enjoy rummaging through my collection of crockery, linens and cutlery to select pieces that will compliment the dish that I am cooking. It has given me a job outside of caring for my son. Don't get me wrong I love looking after him on a daily basis but to have someone feel that my photographs are good enough to be hired for makes me feel like I'm worth something...  something more than a worn out stay at home mum! Get me? I'm just a worn out stay at home mum who can take food photographs now! :-)

 The hardest things I have had to photograph to date has been wraps. I have done two lots of them so far and far out are they fiddly. If you sit down and think about it you just can't make a wrap normally and try and photograph whats inside. It wouldn't be very pleasing to the eye. So I had to style it in a way that you can see the contents of the wrap in a pleasing manner so that you new what was inside without it looking like a train wreck. I think I spent the longest time on these wraps and I have to say I am happy with the result. Salads are also difficult as they require a bit more finessing than my normal photographs of baked goods. Proper placement of garnishes, meat and making sure all the ingredients look blanaced and placed correctly. However I get a kick out of looking at the finished product. We have been enjoying most of the meals I have cooked and photographed for dinner. They have been really delicious and super healthy to boot. My kind of cooking!

 As I sit down at night with my hubby I kinda wish we were back on holidays. We recently went away for our first family holiday for 10 days to Hervey bay. It was such a pleasure to sit back and relax as a family and enjoy being together without any pressing matters to deal with. It was refreshing as husband and wife to be able to sit down and talk to each other the way we did before J.D. was born. I didn't realise how our communication had changed or rather dropped away from being a mummy and daddy. It seemed all we talk about now is babys, jobs to do around the house and how sore our backs are from hauling this little fella around.

 We celebrated my first mothers day while we were up their and I was spoilt with a day trip to Kingfisher Bay Resort which included a buffet seafood lunch. We were able to use the resort facilities for the day which included a gorgeous pool. I sunbaked while hubby took the little man for a dip in the pool. The day was perfect and it will be a mothers day to remember.

 What did you do for your mothers day?

Oh I forgot to mention that J.D's nursery got feature over on Go on and check it out!

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