Review: Perfect Toaster by Russell Hobbs

Have you even woken up your baby with the ear piercing scream of the smoke alarm because you burnt the toast again? Oh the tragedy of it when you do. "WAHHHH!" goes the baby, your heart drops to your toes and you think there goes my relaxing breakfast or my only chance to sit down and eat today! I can say this has happened to me often in the early stages of motherhood and I just gave up eating toast for breakfast in the morning because I knew 9 times out of 10 I would always burn the toast and wake the baby.

 Until I met my new sporty red "Ferrari" toaster..... The Russell Hobbs Perfect Toast Toaster.

 This innovative designed toaster is revolutionary with its clear glass design which allows you to visually control the brownness of your toast. Pure genius for a tired mum who forgets to check on her toast. With a simple glance to the toaster while making that strong black cup of coffee (sleep in a cup for a tired mum) you can gauge how far along your toast is from being burnt to a crisp. There are seven temperature settings to choose from and three functions to choose when toasting your bread, bagel, english muffin or crumpet.


The Cancel and temperature settings are all in one knob allowing you to set your temperature and have quick access to stopping the cooking process when the toast is done.
 The Crumpet setting allows you to cook your crumpet or bagel to perfection by browning one side more than the other, keeping it crunchy rather than crispy and burnt.

 The Reheat function, featured on most toasters, allows you to warm your already cooked toast without burning it to a crisp and making it inedible. It is recommended not to place your already buttered piece of toast back into the toaster to be reheated as this could cause some serious issues.

The Frozen setting allows you to cook your frozen pieces of bread, English muffins etc quicker and evenly and achieve they same level of brownness you would on a defrosted piece.

Other features that this sexy toaster has is a Extra Lift lever allowing you to lift up smaller items from the toasting compartment. The toaster also has quartz elements which have said to outlast the old style elements by years and gives its even toasting ability.

The sleek and sexy design also gives it thumbs up from me allowing me to keep it on your bench during the day. The toaster also comes in a stainless steel colour. There is a small crumb tray at the base of the toaster which you can remove for ease of cleaning and the glass windows can be removed as well for cleaning.

 I found the toaster easy and straight forward to use. This only holds two pieces of toast at a time which may be cause for concern for a large family. It is quick in its cooking time so a little patience would work well in a big household. The see through glass window made for ease of use when trying to figure out when the toast was done. No more blaring smoke alarms from burnt toast for me, which equals a happy and well rested baby!


I cooked up a simple toast breakfast for my little boy and me - Avocado on toast for baby and raisin toast for me. Toast is our go-to meal even on a weekend sometimes when I am too tired to cook or we have nothing in the cupboards to eat. Avocado and Cheese on toast or my favourite combination lately Vegemite, Avocado and Tomato on toast. Delish! So you can see we had perfectly cooked toast without the smoke alarm dramas!

So if you are in the market for a new toaster I would recommend looking for a Russell Hobbs Perfect Toast Toaster to fill your toaster needs. You can say you have a "Ferrari" toaster in your house.

Disclosure: I was given a Russell Hobbs Perfect Toast Toaster to review, however all opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way in this review.

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